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The “SICAR” community: Librino, Adrano, Monte Po, Enna, Reggio Calabria

By celebrating the Tercentenary in several parishes of Sicily in Italy, the Daughters of Wisdom and the Friends of Wisdom sought to highlight the greatness of Montfort:

  • in his wisdom, marian and mysitical spirituality,
  • in his obedient, poor and crucified life
  • in his continual wandering on foot without tiring in order to live for others. 


In this period of poverty and distress, many of our brothers and sisters are currently seeking asylum in Europe. On the occasion of the Tercentenary, the voice of Montfort was especially loud and clear as he cried “Open to Jesus Christ”. That is the reason why, during the 3 day preparation to the celebration, we went deeper into the attitude of Montfort towards the poor, his love for those who are abandoned and rejected, his veneration for the disfigured members who represent Jesus during his passion.

In Catania, every evening a multitude of poor amass in the street and on the sidewalks. They suffer from the cold, have no bed nor bread and they beg for help. The Daughters of Wisdom, residing in Librino and Monte Po heard their cries and responded by ensuring their presence and their services among these migrants coming from different parts of the world, mostly from war-torn countries. This is what Montfort wants of us! Another response to the cries of the poor was given in Librino with the upcoming opening of a “Soup kitchen”.

“The Church should be a home that welcomes everyone and refuses no one. Its door is wide open because no one is excluded from God’s mercy.” (Pope Francis) And the text from the Acts of the 2012 Chapter invites us “to be missioned by liberating Wisdom to listen to the cries of the universe and of the poor, at the heart of a multicultural world…Today, the poor are not only at the gateways of our cities, they surround us …” and are living in inhuman conditions. 

The “Sicar” community, immersed in the diverse realities of Sicily-Calabria are ready to “open wide their tent”, and go towards untrodden paths to answer the calls of the poor. Montfort taught us to go out on the roads of the world to bring Jesus. Like Jesus, he became the traveling companion of the world, of those people who are outside. We, as Daughters of Wisdom, are invited to do what Wisdom did for the world.


Have the knowledge, testimony of life and spirituality of Montfort made an impact on the people of the 4 parishes (Librino-Adrano-Monte Po-Enna) who celebrated the Tercentenary? They were marked by a profound desire to deepen the montfortian spirituality in order to concretely follow the steps of St. Louis Marie.

The road ahead is arduous and important. Our project with the Friends of Wisdom is to live and spread the montfortian spirituality. The Tercentenary was its launching pad.

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