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Sr. Liane Rainville, Daughter of Wisdom, Philippines


The Daughters of Wisdom, founded by St. Louis Marie de Montfort are celebrating worldwide the silver Jubilee of the Beatification of Sister Marie Louise Trichet (of Jesus). Sr. Marie Louise was co-foundress and first Daughter of Wisdom. In the Philippines her jubilee was an opportunity to rejoice and remember her saintly life, marked particularly by total dedication to Jesus, Incarnate Wisdom and the very poor.

In fact, May 16 assembled quite a crowd at Santa Teresita Parish in Manila for the celebration of the Silver Jubilee of the Beatification of Sr. Marie-Louise. Surrounded by Marie-Louise’ painting and relic visibly exposed in the sanctuary, with twenty-five candles shining throughout the Eucharist, Fr. Richard aptly shared stories during the homily on Marie-Louise’ life and mission.

This continued during and after lunch with many additional performances, the life of Marie-Louise by Sr. Liane and inspirational anecdotes from her life: a beautiful choreography by the sponsored students on the song “Because We Love God”, the expressive dancing of the Magnificat by the prenovices and novices, a dance by the children with special needs, the “Oratory of Marie-Louise” Power Point presented by Sr. Jean Enad and at the end a dance composition by the staff on the song “Standing on The Shoulders”, complete with the bridge of Cesson, Montfort and Marie-Louise (Sr. Elena)!

 After a word of thanks from Sr. Liane, all came to prayerfully venerate the relic of the Saint. How consoling to see all these people touched by the life and the witnessing of Marie-Louise, longing to know her better and to imitate her values and virtues! How edifying to see lay people imploring her to transform their life, to enlighten their path, to make them, like her, gentler and firm!

Yes, Marie-Louise is much alive today! In times of challenges and trials, of joy and thanksgiving, may Marie-Louise, the Good Mother Jesus, embrace us in her tenderness and love, in her wisdom and care. May she teach us to love without borders. May we always walk with her and Mary, trusting they will bring us to Jesus, Wisdom Incarnate. We love you, Marie-Louise!

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Sr. Liane Rainville, Daughter of Wisdom, Philippines

May 7 has always been special for the Daughters of Wisdom in the Philippines and this year was certainly not different. It is the day where we celebrate the Silver Jubilee of the Beatification of Blessed Marie Louise Trichet (of Jesus), first Daughter of Wisdom and Co-founder of the Congregation with St. Louis Marie de Montfort. Moreover, today, Sr. Elena Aying, DW makes her perpetual commitment to God in the Congregation, vowing to belong totally to Jesus, Incarnate Wisdom.

Fr. Richard Magararu, SMM, parish priest and Delegation Leader, presided over the Eucharist at Sta Teresita Parish, Manilla. Angelic music and choir voices invited all participants to sing their joy, thanksgiving and praises to God for the gift of Marie-Louise to the Church. Another reason for the presence of the Montfortian Missionaries, Brothers of St Gabriel, La Sagesse Center staff, parents and children with special needs, Friends of Wisdom, sponsored students, parishioners, family and friends of the Daughters of Wisdom, sponsored students on this memorable day: the Perpetual Profession of Sr. Elena Aying, DW.

How beautiful was the daughter of Marie-Louise willing and ready to publicly pronounce her definitive yes to her loving God! With her warm, melodious voice, she sang the responsorial psalm “You are the Power” expressing her willingness to belong to God alone. As a sign of solidarity and prayerful support, all the Sisters assembled around Elena during the Litany of the Saints as she humbly prostrated herself in front of the God of Life, the God who calls.

After making her Perpetual Vows received by Sr. Liane Rainville, Delegation Leader, Elena received a ring and a crucifix, symbols that she belongs solely to God.  Yes, “Magnificat” was really the joyful song to sing at this moment. Followed the reception at La Sagesse Center where delicious food was shared while songs and dances were artistically presented. As a means of gratitude to family and friends sharing this special event, Elena took the microphone to interpret an inspirational song while her niece accordingly performed a choreography.

May 7 marked also the entrance to the Novitiate of four pre-novices: Annie, Catherine, Jacinta from Malawi and Magdalena from Indonesia. After a long, joyful, emotional day, as true Daughters of Wisdom, all went to bed tired … and happy!


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