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Mother House

Going to the Mother-House, A Real Homecoming…

The Mother House of the Daughters of Wisdom is situated in the shadows of the tomb of Saint Louis-Marie de Montfort and of Blessed Marie-Louise of Jesus, at Saint-Laurent-sur-Sèvre, Vendée, France.

The Mother-House of the Daughters of Wisdom is a place that speaks about the ardent quest for Wisdom. It teaches us the surrender to Divine Providence, the love of the poor and the evangelical daring of our Founders.

The Mother-House: a place of silence, a luminous space, a haven of peace that feeds the quest for God of pilgrims and tourists, with its magnificent chapel, oratories and green pastures.

The Mother-House: a place where we encounter Daughters of Wisdom from five continents. Their testimony speaks of the love of Wisdom for each one… a call to build together, in the steps of our Founders, a universal fraternity, to “Love Without Borders.”

The Mother-House: our family home where Sisters and laity, Friends of Wisdom, and members of the Montfortian family collaborate in mission.

The Mother-House: a place of welcome for all… The Spiritual Center opens its doors to people thirsting for God, allowing the Lord to meet them and to walk with them. Still today, let us listen to the call of Wisdom who desires to give us happiness…

“Listen, come to me; I want to make you happy!”
Love of Eternal Wisdom n°66

Maison – Mère des Filles de la Sagesse
3 rue Jean-Paul II
85290 Saint Laurent Sur Sèvre

Some pictures :

Photos by : Josiane Legrand and Marie-Reine Gauthier, Daughters of Wisdom