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You will find all the articles on this page. They are a snap shot of the life of the Daughters of Wisdom on the five continents. Our sisters live with the people, they support the development of the peoples through education and care. We invite you to travel with us.

The Daughters of Wisdom: a congregation of women in the Vendée (continued)
Do not be afraid to listen to the voice of the Lord who calls us
The Daughters of Wisdom: a congregation of women in the Vendée
Four congregations of nuns merge charisms to benefit people with leprosy
History : The founding acts of the Congregation

A page in the history of the Congregation

Wisdom reveals itself everywhere…

I am Sister Esperance NZIAVAKE, daughter of Wisdom for three years…

Closure of Cregg House in Ireland

The Daughters of Wisdom came to Sligo, Ireland, in 1955…

JPIC, Everyday is a Mother Earth Day

Tony Galon, JPIC International Comittee

The art of accompanying and being accompanied: responding to crossroads
Waste recovery: a task for which we are responsible
March 8th 2022 International Women’s day
Signs of New Life

Life is a journey filled with lessons…

Vocational Awareness : Wisdom calls from the highest of the cities (proverbs 9: 3-4)
A Long Journey of welcoming comes to an end

The work of Sr. Mary Stiefvater and Sr. Christine Scherer…

Bulletin n°10

Be manifestations of god’s loving presence in the world

Declaration of commitment – Laudato Si’ Action Platform
The twilight of a giant

On March 17, 1924, the Institute of Our Lady of Wisdom was born…

International day of the child
The ecological activities carried out in the Marotsirity center

The main vocation and mission of the Center is the “development of every man: physical and spiritual” .

International Homeless Day 10th October 2021

For the first time in its history, the UN explicitly addresses the issue of homelessness…