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Our Logo’s aim is to reveal the essential mission of the Congregation of the Daughters of Wisdom.
Here is the meanings of the various symbols:

The Globe. This symbol represents our internationality and our Mission as Daughters of Wisdom at the heart of the world. The luminous centre represents our faith in the transforming presence of Christ Wisdom at the heart of Humanity and Creation.

The Cross. Its circular raised  motif evokes the dynamism of compassion that embraces the world in its totality. It is the symbol of the extreme love of Christ Wisdom for all human beings of all times and in all places.

The big “S”. Solidly anchored on the four points of the Cross, it speaks spontaneously of Wisdom (Sagesse) who, without compromise, has espoused the Cross as a sign of her extreme love for each one of us.
One expression could summarize these last two symbols: “The love of Eternal Wisdom and her Incarnation in humanity, central mystery of our spirituality”.

The suppleness and the roundness of the lines of the logo as a whole call to mind the meekness, gentleness of Wisdom.

The color “blue”, according to the long liturgical tradition in the Church, may evoke the loving and faithful presence of Mary on our faith journey. Following the teaching of Montfort, she remains the privileged path to welcome Christ within us.

In summary :

This interiorized and contemplated LOGO can inspire the way we see humanity, the mission and the spirituality of the Daughters of Wisdom in the world.

On the five continents, the Daughters of Wisdom are called to recognize and proclaim the Love of Eternal Wisdom who continues her transforming presence today at the very heart of Humanity, as her lieu of predilection.