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History capsule: The Daughters of Wisdom Route in the Netherlands

In 1881, a new chapter opened for the Daughters of Wisdom with their arrival in the Netherlands, marking an important step in the expansion of their mission inspired by Louis-Marie Grignion de Montfort. They established their first convent in Schimmert, in a converted farmhouse, laying the foundations for their educational and charitable work.

Recreational novices.

Two years later, in 1883, they introduced sewing classes for village girls, responding to the growing demand for education from local families. This initiative soon evolved into a boarding school that also offered French classes. Royal authorization in 1887 established the boarding school as a leading educational institution. In 1889, under the direction of Miss Bertha Berger, the first lay headmistress, the Schimmert boarding school continued to expand and diversify. It now offered a range of academic disciplines, thanks to the sisters acquiring the necessary diplomas to teach a variety of subjects, reinforcing the quality and breadth of the education on offer.

At the turn of the 20th century, the mission of the Daughters of Wisdom underwent a new evolution. They now also became involved in caring for the sick and disabled, actively contributing to the development of Catholicism in the region. This period of growth and diversification was, however, interrupted by the trials of the Second World War. In 1944, the community faced a severe famine. With only one kilo of potatoes and three slices of bread a week, the sisters developed ingenious strategies for survival, hiding food and provisions under their clothes and venturing out to feed the needy.

Nijmegen – in kindergarten, using the Montessorian method.

Travaux manuels à Drütten

Handicrafts in Drütten







After the Second World War, the Daughters of Wisdom entered an era of reorganization. In 1955, the Netherlands and Denmark formed the Dutch Province. This period coincided with the Second Vatican Council, which brought significant reforms to the Church. These changes paved the way for the major developments of the early 21st century, leading to the transformation of the Dutch Province into a Region in 2007, and the move to Wijchen.

Today, the continuing presence of the Daughters of Wisdom in the Netherlands is embodied by their sole property in this city. It remains the administrative and spiritual heart of their mission, symbolizing their unwavering commitment to education and social service, and testifying to their ability to maintain their legacy over the years.