11 September 2019

Rejoice and Be Glad !

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Louise Madore DW
This appeal of Pope Francis in his exhortation to live our call to holiness is the theme of a retreat offered to hard of hearing persons. Each year, in various places throughout France, the “Relaisourds Association” offers, to the hard of hearing, a spiritual retreat.

This year, the retreat was done at the Wisdom Spiritual Center at St-Laurent sur-Sèvre in Vendée. They were 16 from the four corners of France to live a time of silence and of listening to the Lord. The facilitator was Father Jérôme de la Roulière of the Poitiers Diocese and the interpretation LSF was done by Ms. Corinne Farré.

What struck me when I met them during their stay, was their joie de vivre, the fraternity that unites them, their life of prayer open to all the realities of our world most especially expressed during the universal prayers, and their concern for the young hard of hearing who are not yet evangelized and who know little about Jesus.

Two of the retreatants were entirely blind. One person accompanying them was translating everything in LSF with the hands, unique mode of communication. What a testimony of patience for the personal interpreter but also what desire and will from these women, who in spite of their various personal handicap, did not hesitate to take the train and to adapt to a totally foreign environment in order to live this special time with the Lord.

Congrégation des Filles de la Sagesse

The Daughters of Wisdom were happy to welcome them to their Spiritual Center since they have a long tradition of working with our deaf brothers and sisters in the Congregation in France and also in Haiti and in Colombia.

There are many people who are hard of hearing but they often do not find in our Churches and Dioceses, people who can help them live their faith and be nourished with the Word of God.

Congrégation les Filles de la Sagesse
Ms. Corrine Farré, interpreter for the language of the deaf in France (LSF) offers through Youtube, the possibility to listen to the texts of the Word of God for Sunday ant other important Feasts. To access it, you go on internet and enter the following address: You Tube Mass LSF.   and on the site: Chaque dimanche les textes de la messe en LSF

In France, there is an association for the deaf: Relaisourds. It is animated in LSF by the deafs. This association organizes week-ends of formation, sharing, prayers, retreats and pilgrimages in France and in Europe. To contact the Association, get in touch with Michelle Bonnot: ou SMS 06 47 64 81 69

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5 September 2019

Meeting in Castiglione of youngest sisters of Europe

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Angela, Anne, Christine, Marie-Dominique et Maria

August 18th to 24th 2019, five of the youngest sisters in Europe (two Italian and three French) met in Castiglione (Italy). We sought to bring our contribution to the life of the Daughters of Wisdom in the Europe.

After sharing on our different missions and on our community experiences, we addressed certain questions: What will be the future of communities be in the context of the religious and societal life in our time? What place must be given to ecology? What meaning and importance do we give to the awakening of vocations for Religious Life? This sharing is a way for us to envision the future with hope and trust in Wisdom.

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23 August 2019

The Oblate sisters of Wisdom mark their 160th anniversary of foundation

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In 1859, at the initiative of Mr de Larnay, priest known for his piety and missionary courage, was founded the Oblate Sisters of Wisdom for young deaf girls who wanted to dedicate their lives to the love of Christ through Mary and to the most disadvantaged. Sister Annick, Oblate Sister of Wisdom, gives us an account of the 160th anniversary celebration.

Sr Annick, Oblate de la Sagesse


“With the approach of June 27TH, the date of the foundation of our Institute by Father de LARNAY, we are excited and joyous. We prepared the invitations and the liturgy. This time, unlike for the 150th in 2009, the celebration will be intimate, because of the advanced age of the Sisters. On June 25th, I prepare the chapel with Sr. Fabienne, animator of Larnay. My Oblate Sisters of Wisdom wanted to help us.

On June 27, I am happy that all 5 Oblate Sisters can be present. Sr. Rani Kurian, Superior General, Sr. Louise Madore, who accompanied us for 12 years as Superior General, Sr. Francine Morès, Superior of the Community since 2006 and Sr. Thérèse FABIEN, representative of the Provincial Superior Sr. Marie-Françoise VIVIEN, and other Daughters of Wisdom from the area are present. The deaf Friends are also there and many residents of Larnay. Father DALLIER, descendant of the family of Mr LARNAY, celebrates the Mass with Father PETIT, chaplain of the Deaf of Poitiers.

During Mass, Sr. Rani says, “Today, the 160th birthday … 5 sisters are still alive and renew their vows. I am very moved. “

Congrégation des Filles de la Sagesse

The Deaf Friends express their appreciation of the display relating the story of Father LARNAY and the history of the Oblate Sisters. “In 10 years, maybe there will be no Oblate Sisters of Wisdom … “I do not know, we’ll see in 10 years! Today is a celebration and it is important for us.”

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29 July 2019

Sport tournament at wisdom schools

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Sœur SOLOHERY Albertine, DW

For the first time, the Wisdom Schools in Madagascar organized sport competitions aiming to promote unity in diversity and to witness Love without borders. It was from April 24 to 28 at Saint Michel College in Tananarive. About 400 students and teachers from ten schools run by the Daughters of Wisdom participated.

“We answer to the invitation to be close to young people who challenge us by their quest for meaning and their desire to journey with us. (Acts of 2018 Chapter p.5). Driven by the theme of the 2018 Chapter, “Love without Borders” the Teaching Sisters of the Daughters of Wisdom embodied this excerpt of the Acts by organizing these sport events.

Congrégation des Filles de la Sagesse

Chaired by Father RANAIVOSON Jules, DINEC (National Director of Catholic Teachings in Madagascar), the official opening mass was held in the College Chapel and each School participated, either in readings, songs or dances. Father DINEC invited the students to live fraternity, tolerance and respect in the spirit of the Catholic Schools. In turn, Sister RASOANARIVOSALAMA Symphorose, Provincial Leader of the Daughters of Wisdom congratulated the teaching personnel, Sisters and lay, for organizing these events that testify to love without borders. After mass, there was the ritual of ribbon cutting, followed by the raising of the flag, a choreography, a parade and to conclude, a snack sharing.

The competitions started on April 24 and continued for three days. Each school competed in the following disciplines: Athletics, Football and Basket-ball. In addition to these sport competitions, cultural events were organized on site to share and promote the values, identity and culture of each Region in Madagascar. These meetings were really marked by collaboration between the teaching staff and the parents.


On the feast of St. Louis-Marie Grignion de Montfort, April 28, these days of “Sport tournament for Wisdom Schools” ended with a solemn mass presided over by Father Doris, Montfort Missionary. As soon as mass was over, trophies were distributed.

At these sport event, everyone had a pleasant experience of living together. “Love Without Borders” was the password and the greeting formula for students, teachers and Sisters. All tried to live it. No fight was recorded between students. They went home joyfully and with unforgettable memories.

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22 July 2019

Montfortian International Formation 2019

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Siobhán Boyle DW

The 2019 Montfortian International Formation began on Palm Sunday in St. Laurent sur Sèvre. Twenty-four participants from around the world gathered in the Chapel of the Spirituality Centre of the Daughters of Wisdom to begin a six-week journey which would change each of us in ways we could not have imagined at the start of this journey. We came from India, Indonesia, Ireland, Italy, Malawi, Malaysia, Papua New Guinea, and the Philippines. We were joined on our journey by Sr. Diane Thibodeau DW, from Canada, Br. Maurice Herault BSG, from France and Fr Arnold Suhardi SMM from Indonesia.

Congrégation des Filles de la Sagesse

We gathered together at the source and foundation of our Montfortian Spirituality for these six weeks to deepen our knowledge and understanding of ourselves, our Montfortian Spirituality, and our paths in living and transmitting our spirituality.
On this journey we followed the path of knowledge of ourselves, knowledge of Mary and knowledge of Wisdom.

Beginning our Journey
We began our journey by getting to know one another and ourselves with the support of Fr Jos Van den Berg, SMM from Belgium, who accompanied us for our first week. In this week, many barriers were crossed, and walls came tumbling down, within ourselves and with each other.
As we celebrated Easter at the end of our first week, we had begun, even in that short space of time to become not just twenty-four participants but friends and companions on a journey.
In the following weeks we were joined by Fr. Olivier Maire SMM and Sr. Marie-Reine Gauthier DW, who opened up the teachings of Montfort to us through knowledge of Mary and knowledge of Wisdom. As we listened and reflected and shared our insights with each other, we gained new insights into the spirit and passion of Montfort.

Going Out
During our time together we also had the wonderful opportunity to walk in the footsteps of Montfort and Marie Louise with visits to Poitiers, La Rochelle and exploring St. Laurent.

Reaching Out
One of the highlights for the group was our participation in the annual Montfortian Pilgrimage to Lourdes. We joined almost 4,000 other pilgrims as they made their annual pilgrimage to Lourdes.
It was a moving experience for all involved, both those who had already experienced Lourdes and those experiencing Lourdes for the first time.

Reflection and Departure

As we came to the end of this journey, we spend the last week together on retreat at the Spirituality Centre, Chaillé-les-Marais, South Vendée. This was a time of silence, prayer, integration and gratitude for all we had lived during our six weeks together. We came together on the 14th of April as twenty-four individuals who answered yes to the call to go to St. Laurent, not knowing what awaited us there and we left six weeks later as friends and companions and with a deep sense of being a single family with a message of ‘good news’ to share widely and deeply was we returned to our countries and missions. We are all deeply grateful for the opportunity to experience this treasure and for all those who journeyed with us and those who supported us on this journey.

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29 June 2019

Love Without Borders

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The Sisters of Wisdom Year 2018- 2019


We are the Sisters of Wisdom Year 2018-2019, from 5 nationalities: 1 Haitian, 3 Indian, 1 Philippine, 1 Indonesian and 2 Malagasy Sisters.

This year was a time of renewal and a time to study more deeply the spirituality in all its Montfortian dimensions.

We experienced interculturality as soon as we arrived at Angers-Mission Langue. Those weeks helped us to communicate better in French, to choose openness, simplicity, acceptance of differences, adaptation and understanding between us.

When we arrived at Saint Laurent-sur-Sèvre, we were touched by the eagerness of our Sisters to welcome us. This, we experienced mostly at the opening mass and the sharing thereafter. Together, we built our community project to help us better live our intercultural life. The importance placed on knowing the story of each one allowed us to consolidate our living together. We are convinced that our life is centered on prayer, sharing, and mutual assistance. We have come to that certainty in the joy, trust, peace and love that prevailed among us.

Then, through the many sessions, individual accompaniment, the life of our Founders, the realities of the Congregation, visits to significant Montfortian places, the Lourdes Pilgrimage, we discovered many unsuspected secrets that helped us expand our knowledge and consolidate our spirituality.

Each Saturday afternoon, we visited the Sisters at the EPHAD (Home for Seniors) with love and enthusiasm: a wonderful sharing of experiences encouraging us to proceed forward. All of this was quite challenging.

Moreover, we actively participated in the parish and at the chapel of the Founders: adoration, animation of prayer, singing and our presence bringing life and joy to others.

Thanks to this formation, we became more aware of our life as Daughters of Wisdom. It motivated us to proceed forward, and gave us a new vision of the Congregation.

“May my lips sing your praise”

This refrain expresses our gratitude to each of you, dear Sisters.

Thank you to the Leadership Team


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27 June 2019

Pilgrimage at Lourdes

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The Sisters of Wisdom Year 2018- 2019

We thank the Lord for the graces we received at Lourdes. It was an extraordinary experience that nourished and expanded our faith.

The pilgrimage was titled “Blessed be the poor” and through this theme, we discovered our poverty in communion with other pilgrims.

We were deeply moved by:
– The signs of poverty in Lourdes like water, light, rock and rosary that are real presence of God
– The volunteer work of the Montfortian “hospitaliers”: their readiness, dedication, and infinite love were a great testimony for us to share our spirituality.
– The experience of letting go at the pool gave us new life.
– All the celebrations: Mass, Marian and Eucharistic procession, Way of the Cross, Adoration, Homely-Conference helped us grow in our faith in Jesus Christ and true devotion to the Holy Virgin.

It was an unforgettable experience.

We express a special thank you, to our Congregation Leader and her Council, to Sr. Immaculate and Sr. Berthe who gave their experience and support during these special moments.

Thank you.

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13 June 2019

Preparing for the Synod of the Pan-Amazon Region

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Sisters: Águeda Sastoque, Gisela Huertas – DW

This name was given to the meeting of the Montfortian Family whose participants were Daughters of Wisdom, lay Friends of Wisdom, members of JPIC, priests and lay Montfortians and also the secular religious Mary Queen of Hearts at Paipa – Boyac Boyacá Colombia, May 3 – 5, 2019.

This meeting was initiated and sponsored by the General and Provincial Councils of the Company of Mary of Colombia. In the spirit of “going forth,” they deployed this energy, inviting us to journey together in preparing for the Special Synod of the Pan- Amazon Region planned for the month of October 2019.

At this family reunion, we could see the reality of the Amazon and observe once again, the precious path taken by the Pan-Amazonian Ecclesial Network (REPAM) which strengthens hope and opens new avenues for the “Church and for Integral Ecology.” This already visible network has an impact on the local, institutional and ecclesial realities and has become a voice for the peoples and the indigenous communities in the world, a voice coming from the world’s largest lung.

During this meeting, Pope Francis’ call for a missionary Church that goes forth was underlying, a Church poor with the poor, in permanent conversion and united to the Amazonian people. Building a Church with an Amazon face in Bolivia, Peru, Colombia, Venezuela, the French and English Guyana, Surinam and Brazil is also a dream of Pope Francis. This dream will be ours as we become more aware of belonging to the planet and, on a daily basis, as we become committed to protecting, valuing, caring for and promoting the care and defense of our common home.

We returned home to our mission with a more contemplative gaze and a sense of wonder, carrying out acts and gestures of care for the natural resources that our Mother Earth lavishes on us.


The World Bishops Meeting on the Amazon will be held from October 6 to 27, 2019 and will focus on:
“Amazon: New Paths for the Church and for Integral Ecology”.

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12 June 2019


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“Human trafficking is an open wound on the body of contemporary society a scourge upon the body of Christ. It is a crime against humanity. The dignity of each human person and the pursuit of the common good are concerns which ought to shape all economic policies.” (Words of Pope Francis 11 April 2014)

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9 June 2019

Bulletin N° 2

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Sr. Rani Kurian DW
Congregational Leader

Seek, Contemplate and Reveal Wisdom……

As we are in the Easter season, the Gospel reading speaks to us how the risen Lord continues to manifest himself to the Disciples in the everyday situations of their lives. The celebration of Easter is once again a call to be rejoicing and to renew our commitment to fully live our charism to seek, contemplate and reveal Wisdom.

In the Gospel we see the courageous faces of women who set out early in the morning to visit the tomb of Jesus. They were the first ones to see the risen Lord and to proclaim the good news. Mary of Magdala in her sorrows and disappointment of not finding Jesus in the tomb opened her heart to speak to the person whom she thought to be the gardener. She poured out all her worries, concerns and desires. She could only think that someone had taken away Jesus and wanted to take him back. In this conversation she allowed herself to be called by her name, thus recognising the presence of the risen Lord.

Jesus walked with his disciples on the road to Emmaus to be with them in their sorrows and disappointments by listening to them, asking them questions. After having poured out their hearts, they recognized the presence of the risen Lord with them and were filled with joy. They could not remain there they rather continued their journey to share their joy of meeting the risen Lord with others. In their sorrows and fears, other disciples returned to fishing. However, the risen Lord revealed himself to them allowing them to meet their needs first, by offering them a good catch of fish, giving them food to eat. Once their basic needs were met Jesus challenged and confronted them before sending them on mission.

Jesus Christ revealed himself to his disciples in the ordinary circumstances of their life. Once the disciples experienced the love of the risen Lord, their fear turned into courage and conviction, sorrow into joy, discouragement into hope and faith. They set out to proclaim the good news.

My dear Sisters this bulletin shares the lived experience of our Sisters in different Entities. Let us rejoice for the presence of Incarnate Wisdom among us. Following the footsteps of Montfort and Marie-Louise, like the disciples who were enlightened and transformed by the risen Lord, let us dare to be the “Way of Wisdom” in seeking, contemplating and revealing the good news to all creation.

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