11 January 2020

JPIC Session – Rome / December 2 -6, 2019

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Sr Isabelle Retailleau, DW

“New Wine and a Call to Holiness”

This was the title of the session offered to 47 JPIC Animators from 20 Congregations (male and female), held December 2-6 2019 in Rome.

Congrégation des Filles de la Sagesse

The planning team for this session was inspired by the conviction that a new outpouring of holiness is unthinkable without renewed passion for the Gospel at the service of the Kingdom 1. This momentum accompanied us throughout this session with a question: how can the Mission of “Justice, Peace and Integrity of Creation” be that space where passion for the Gospel at the service of the Kingdom is renewed?

We discovered how our Justice, Peace and Integrity of Creation action can be broken down according to the “4 principles for acting” indicated by Pope Francis (Apostolic Exhortation Evangelii Gaudium):

– Time is greater than space
– Unity prevails over conflict
– Reality is more important that the idea
– The whole is greater than the part.

Supported by the experience of many religious committed at different levels, we were invited to rediscover how much “action in favor of justice and transformation of the world, fully appears as a constitutive dimension of the preaching of the Gospel.” (Synod of Bishops 1971).

Congrégation des Filles de la Sagesse

In order to ensure this, the Social Doctrine of the Church, including the last Encyclicals of the Popes is a precious tool to assist us in seeking coherent and meaningful JPIC action. It is a tool of moral and pastoral discernment. It is a tool of evangelization so that through our action, God’s desire for a new world for all, is manifested.

We also perceived how this action in favor of justice and the transformation of the world resonates with the establishment by the UN of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals. As promoters of “Justice, Peace and Integrity of Creation”, how can our action be educated and inspired by these great objectives which are very ambitious but so in step with the construction of the Kingdom?

Everyone left the session with a profoundly motivated for the “Justice, Peace and Integrity of Creation” Mission, and convinced that such a mission can only be carried out in collaboration with each other.

1 Orientation Document from the Congregation for Institutes of Consecrated Life and Societies of Apostolic Life, January 2017 “For New Wine in New Wineskins”, No. 10

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20 December 2019

New Dawn!

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A woman, Mary, gave birth to her firstborn son…Today unto you is born in the city “EARTH” a Savior, who is Christ the Lord. (Lk 1, 7.11)

At the heart of the challenges of our time, may we revive and maintain the small flame of trusting hope that Christ in our midst supports and works with us to transform hearts and minds.

May Love, the gift of self, make us ever more sensitive of the neglected of our societies and support the momentum of our commitment towards them.

In the face of the climate emergency, the troubled politics, may we witnesses of truth and transformation.

Merry Christmas.
Happy New Year 2020!

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11 December 2019

Closing Celebration

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Sr Linda Joseph, DW
Provincial Leader of Canada

Village Aïna, Madagascar

Thursday’s social evening with its laughter and words of appreciation already spoke of goodbyes. Early the following morning on November 29, many among us were packing, preparing to return to their Entities. Still one more event was scheduled for the day: the Closing Celebration, the Eucharist and the commissioning of each Sister back to her Entity.

Congrégation des Filles de la Sagesse

At 10:00 a.m., Friday morning, the participants gathered at the meeting room to live a meaningful and symbolic ritual. After a few hymns and a Scripture reading, each Sister wrote on a heart of paper her wishes for her Entity. She then pasted it on a large paper KEY, symbol of Wisdom, which bore the logo of the Congregation and the theme “Love Without Borders!”

A key-holder in the form of an angel made with the nacre (mother of pearls) from the sea shells of the Philippines, was given to each Sister. Like the nacre of pearls, what is most precious is entrusted to us… This key-holder is a powerful reminder. In the closing message Sr Rani Kurian, invited the participants to be concerned about how we can be a prophetic witness of Wisdom’s love among us, to those with whom we live and to the people to whom we are sent.

Congrégation des Filles de la Sagesse

At 5:00 p.m., a vibrant Eucharist is celebrated during which we reflect upon the words of Christ who calls us « friends », who gives us a new commandment, who sends us to bear fruit. After receiving, the members of the General Council take the KEY which had previously been placed at the foot of the altar during the Offertory procession, and give to each participant the heart bearing her wishes for the Entity. They also hand out a USB key containing all the documents and photos of the 2 weeks spent here. Finally, it is with a real emotion that we sing the “Magnificat!”

A few hours later, 8 participants leave for the airport… These moments are moving since we have truly bonded together. For a few, this is a first experience. For others, this is the 3rd, 4th… and even the 10th! But for all of us, it is unique, for we have created a space in our hearts where we got to know each other, support each other, build unity and “Love without Borders”.

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9 December 2019

UNANIMA International – Woman of Courage Award

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Sr Maureen Seddon, Delegation Leader
of Great Britain and Ireland

Each year, UNANIMA International presents a Woman of Courage award, the recipient having made an outstanding and extraordinary contribution to the betterment of the life of women and children.

During the Council of the Congregation in Madagascar, it was an occasion of immense joy for us the participants, to witness the presentation by Sr. Jean Quinn, Executive Director of UNANIMA of this prestigious award to Sr. Séraphine Rativy.

Congrégation des Filles de la Sagesse

Sr. Séraphine’s inspirational story of courage and empowerment began in 2013, when she generously responded to the call to go on mission to PNG. On her arrival she was immediately sent to the newly opened mission in Nomad, the remotest part of the Diocese which is only accessible by small airplanes.

The small Gebusi Tribe of this area, danced, sang and welcomed the community including Sr. Séraphine who had travelled thousands of miles to come to them.

A talented and practical woman with competency in agriculture, she risked stepping out of her comfort zones by learning English as well as the language of the people. With dedication and enthusiasm, she taught the women to become skilled in sewing, knitting, nutritious cooking, health/ hygiene, agriculture and farming. All of this was not only to transform the lives of the women themselves but also that of their families.

It was with deep regret, that due to difficulties regarding travel and communication the community eventually had to close. However, through the great courage of Sr. Séraphine and the wonderful support of the local people who dearly loved and respected her, the mission was able to continue. Since there were no possibilities for her to arrive directly in Nomad, the Yulabi people built her a small house on stilts, so that, following her several days journey on foot through the forest she could sleep and then continue her journey to Nomad.

Sr. Séraphine, what a great privilege it was to be present, along with many Sisters of your Province and members of your family, at your award ceremony. A day of rejoicing and immense pride! Thank you for all you have so selflessly accomplished and for witnessing so faithfully to the words of Mother Marie Louise:

“If I were a piece of cloth, I would give myself to clothe the poor”!

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6 December 2019

Preparation for Final Vows, PNG

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The Sisters of the preparation for final vows
15th November 2019 – Port Moresby, PNG.

In September 2019, we, Sr. Berlinda Yande and Sr. Beata Ayombe, Sr. Yuliana Emol (Jenny) and Sr. Maria Sriati Jiwing (Seri), Sr. Josphin XALXO and Sr. Siobhán Boyle, gathered together in Ports Moresby, PNG with Sr Immaculate Makina and Sr Veronica Paison to begin the preparation for discernment towards the profession of our final vows. Unfortunately, Sr. Josphin Xalxo from India had to leave at the end of one month.

Congrégation des Filles de la SagesseIn the two and half months since September, we have deepened our understanding of Wisdom Incarnate, of ourselves, of our Congregation and of our role in society.

We have been greatly enriched by this experience which has allowed us to discern in a special way Wisdom’s call for each one of us. Wisdom has truly spoken to us, “I want to make you happy.” (LEW 66).

What makes us happy is that we have discovered, more and more, the love of Wisdom in our journey and the invitation to share this same love in our communities, in our ministries and in our witness.

Through the invaluable contributions of those who have shared their knowledge, wisdom and experience with us, we have come to understand in a new way that the love of Wisdom is encountered in the uniqueness of each person. We will integrate this new understanding into our communities and ministries in the future.

This love of Wisdom compels us to be passionate and compassionate towards our brothers and sisters so that ‘they become architect of their own destiny.’ (RL 3).

As Disciples of Wisdom, truly happy and fully alive in our humanity, we recognize and respond to the urgent call to restore our planet.

We appreciate the uniqueness of each of us as well as respect of each other’s culture, which enabled us to support, care and love one another.
We are very grateful for this journey and we would like to express our deep gratitude to Sr Rani and the Congregational Council, Sr Gina and the Delegation Council of Asia- Oceania, and Sr Maureen and the Council of GBI for their continued support, prayers and encouragement throughout our journey.

We thank all the sisters in PNG for their hospitality and we thank all those who have shared their wisdom and knowledge and have journeyed with us during this time. We thank especially Sr Immaculate and Sr Veronica for their tireless support, love, care and availability.
We thank also all the Daughters of Wisdom who have prayed for us especially our communities who have supported and loved us throughout our journey.

Preparation for Final Vows

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26 November 2019

Openning celebration of the Council of Congregation.

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Sr Virginie Bitshanda, DW
Leader of the Delegation of Congo

Animated by our Malagasy sisters, this day was filled with celebrations. What a treasure! What beauty! What creativity! How deep are these celebrations!!
It all began with the Eucharist, which was able to connect us both with the diversity of the colours of interculturality and with the colour of the Malagasy liturgy. The entrance procession with the General Council bearing the Rule of Life, the Acts of the General Chapter, the Globe and the flag of the Congregation and with the leaders of the Entities each carrying the flag of his country, has opened us up to inter-culturality. The Malagasy songs and dances that punctuated the celebration, connected us to the colour of the liturgy of the country.

Congrégation des Filles de la Sagesse

The joy of this beautiful Eucharistic celebration accompanied us towards the second part of this day, which was the opening ritual.

It began with a traditional Malagasy culture gesture of welcoming: each member of the Council of Congregation received a drop of honey on his forehead to wish everyone a pleasant and sweet stay on Malagasy soil. Then, it is through the symbolism the cultivating of rice that the members of the Council of Congregation were invited to enter into the dynamics of this international meeting: from sowing, to the preparation of the nursery, to transplanting or weeding, each step requires care, patience and endurance to obtain a good harvest. This is the case for the implementation of the Acts of the General Chapter.

Congégation des Filles de la Sagesse

In her opening remarks, Sr Rani Kurian, Congregational Leader, then invited the members of the Council of Congregation to pay particular attention to the mission entrusted to them: “The quality of our life and mission depends on us as the Leader of the Congregation”.

Congrégation des Filles de la Sagesse

This beautiful day was far from over. It continued with the presentation of the country of Madagascar and the Entity of the Daughters of Wisdom. During the meal then throughout the afternoon, through songs, dances, procession accompanied by music played by street children, welcoming each with a ‘’Lamba’’, a piece of fabric very symbolic in Malagasy culture, various presentations, we got acquainted with the context of the country as well as the reality of the mission entrusted to the Daughters of Wisdom in Madagascar.

It was truly beautiful and of great meaning. Thank you to our Malagasy sisters for your sense of welcome, your joy, your simplicity… This allowed us to feel comfortable to undertake the work of the Council of Congregation.


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25 November 2019

Co-Pain Hope Committee: Reaching out to Others

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Two Daughters of Wisdom in Canada, members of the Co-Pain Hope Committee, are reaching out to vulnerable people, striving to create and to maintain links with them. This initiative was taken following a reflection of the pastoral Committee of the Marie Reine-des-Coeurs Sanctuary in Montreal.

Our actions on based on the word of the Gospel, “Let us not love in words, neither in tongue, but in deed and in truth.” said Mrs. Deschênes, president of the Co-Pain Hope Committee. Driven by this inspiring word and by the life of Father de Montfort and Marie-Louise Trichet, the members of the Committee sought simple and concrete ways of connecting with simple, lonely, vulnerable and elderly people.

Garden Party
Many outings were organized since its creation in 2016 to create links, break the loneliness and bring these people, who are often ignored, to enjoy pleasant times with others. The most recent moment was the garden party on the terrace of the Sanctuary in August.

Under a radiant sky, around sixty persons from different backgrounds were assembled to share a meal under a tent and participate in games and entertainment. For this occasion, each committee member, sponsored someone. The aim was to foster closer relationship.

Congrégation des Filles de la Sagesse

These invited people had previously been participating in different activities: visit to the sugar bush in Joliette, an apple-picking trip in Rougemont, a meal at a restaurant in Hochelaga and a Christmas celebration.

So close to the poor, yet so far
Despite the good intentions of all, the statement is striking for Mrs. Deschênes and Sr. Sylvie Bélanger DW. “We realize there is a gap between these people and us. In fact, we are evangelized through contact with them.” It is unnerving and at the same time, it allows us to better understand their reactions.”

Thus, the members of the committee grasped deeply the prophetic meaning of this year’s pastoral theme, “Si close to the poor, yet so far. Let us allow ourselves to be touched…”

From one activity to another, the organizers become aware that they derive a lot from these moments of encounter. While this largely offsets the time invested in the organization, planning and evaluation, one desire remains: to break the isolation of these vulnerable persons, to give them confidence and make them enjoy pleasant moments.

The other goal of the committee is to attract more participants mostly among the Montfort Associates and the Friends of Wisdom, by offering them opportunities to take action.

A reminder that the Co-Pain Hope Committee is also composed of Bro. Gilles Paquette, smm, and Mrs. Marie-Lourdes Jean and Sr. Doris Rodier DW. It is under the responsibility of the Pastoral committee of the Marie-Reine-des-Cœurs Sanctuary, situated in East Montreal.

Reporting-photos : Co-Pain Hope Committee



Co-Pain Hope Committee: reaching out to others

Two religious Sisters, Daughters of Wisdom of Canada, work in the Co-Pain Hope Committee, an initiative of the Marie-Reine-des-Coeurs Sanctuary’s pastoral committee in Montreal, based on the Word of the Gospel, “Let us not love in words but in actions.” Discover how this committee manages to get in touch with vulnerable people from various backgrounds.

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18 November 2019

International Children’s rights Day

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Prayer proposed by the Province of Madagascar,
on the occasion of the International Day of the Rights of the Child – 2019

Theme: “Children enjoying their rights, vector of a new world.”

Setting: globe, photo of Marie Louise with children.
If possible, invite children to pray with the community.

Nothing is more important than building a world in which all children have the opportunity to develop their full potential, to grow in good health, in peace and dignity. Thus, we are invited to be in solidarity with children who have no voice; those whose lives seem meaningless. Therefore, our prayers aim at fostering prayer in the world for all vulnerable and homeless children. We also wish to increase our understanding and acceptation of all these children, and to open our hearts that sometimes does takes them for granted. Lord, give us a new heart so we can love the children as you love them.

The full PDF

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6 November 2019

Session on financial issues in Congo

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Sister Judith TSHIATA et Valérie MBOMA, DW, Congo

The Daughters of Wisdom of the Entity of Congo benefited from the visit of Sisters Isabelle Retailleau, General Counselor in charge of Congo and Ruth Dary Palacio, Treasurer General. This is the first time that Sister Dary arrives in Congo.

Congrégation des Filles de la Sagesse

By visiting the different communities, the sisters became aware of the reality of the management of communities and works. A session on financial issues was held on October 18 in Kisangani at the Delegation house, for local treasurers, works managers and community leaders. After the opening prayer, facilitated by Sister Marie Thérèse WATUNDAKE, Treasurer of the Delegation, Sister Isabelle, General Councilor spoke to explain to the sisters the reasons for this formation: an opportunity for the sisters to become aware of their important responsibility in the financial management of the Entity. Sister Isabelle insisted, the growth of the Entity depends on the way we manage.

In turn, Sister Dary, the General Treasurer and facilitator of the session, introduced the session with an exercise where each participant had to build her own house by adding what she thought would beautify her home. The sisters took turns presenting their houses, explaining why there was such and such a decoration in the house. An exercise that plunged us into the heart of the session.

Four words formed the basis of this meeting namely: Transparency, Justice, Management and Responsibility. This session has given us tools that will allow us to continue to progress in our desire for the growth of the Delegation and a more transparent and fair management. We understood how the way of managing leads to the accomplishment of the mission of the Delegation and the fulfillment of our mission as treasurers.

At the end of the session, each sister expressed what she retained, her joy of better understanding the mission entrusted, her desire to do better in the future and a renewed motivation to move towards good management.

We sincerely want to thank sisters Isabelle and Dary for this time of fellowship, exchange and formation. May Christ, Incarnate Wisdom, sustain us more and more in our efforts to progress in the joy of serving Him.

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5 November 2019

World Day of the Poor

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34th Sunday in Ordinary Time
17 November 2019

The hope of the poor shall not perish for ever

1. “The hope of the poor will not perish for ever” (Ps 9:19). These words of the Psalm remain timely. They express a profound truth that faith impresses above all on the hearts of the poor, restoring lost hope in the face of injustice, sufferings and the uncertainties of life.
The Psalmist describes the condition of the poor and the arrogance of those who oppress them (cf. 10, 1-10). He invokes God’s judgment to restore justice and overcome evil (cf. 10, 14-15). In his words, we hear an echo of age-old questions. How can God tolerate this disparity? How can he let the poor be humiliated without coming to their aid? Why does he allow oppressors to prosper instead of condemning their conduct, especially in the light of the sufferings of the poor?


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