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General Chapter Preparation Committee


Sr. Jacqueline Portefaix, DW
General Councilor

An international, intergenerational committee was appointed to prepare the Chapter.

It is composed of:

Sr. Marie Turner of the Delegation of Great-Britain and Ireland
Sr. Mercy Kanyumbu of the Delegation of Malawi
Sr. Antonella del Cuore Immaculato of the Province of Italy
Sr. Maribel Ladino of the Province of Colombia

This committee worked with the General Council and the Facilitator, Sr. Bríd Long ssl, in accordance with the objective of fostering broad and active participation of the entire Congregation. All of us are engaged in this movement which calls for an ever-greater availability for the mission.

This preparation is supported by a prayer for the Chapter that is common for all the Congregation.

Prayer for the General Chapter 2018

O Eternal and Incarnate Wisdom,
We entrust to you our next General Chapter
Send your Spirit of love on each of us
So that an ardent flame spread beyond the borders.
Mary, stay with us,
At this time when God calls us to open our hearts
Give us the availability to cross barriers
To bring down walls,
Help us to broaden our heart
To the dimensions of an intercultural world.

Saint Louis-Marie de Montfort and Blessed Marie-Louise,
You have taken a fresh look at the realities of your time,
Give us your boundless love
To go beyond the borders of our security,
Give us your deep desire to communicate Wisdom.
As free and faithful women, help us to look to the future,
To the forward thrust you gave us: the absolute certainty
That “God’s tenderness unfolds upon humanity.” (R.L. Annex p.3).


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