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In Tune with Jesus

Sandra Maidu Carranza Professor

Vocation week, Colsabi, took place virtually in Columbia, from September 14 to 18 with students from sixth to eleventh grades.

The aim was to encourage, strengthen and guide young people in the search for happiness, using human and material elements around them. Also, the student keeps in mind that his happiness is always at stake. Let him not be afraid to ask himself what is his or her calling. From our spirituality, the young person is encouraged to ask God what is his call, using the biblical passage of the “Rich young man” according to Luke 12: 13-21.

It is very important to listen to the different insights which manifest how young people live this call to be happy. If it is on a personal level, he seeks to establish that state of life. She also tries to make others seek the same thing, giving life a different meaning. It is in listening to Jesus that resides the power to make a difference in the various environment facing young people today.

Congrégation des Filles de la Sagesse

The different perceptions of each and every one was taken into account, showing how their goals have evolved. In them, Christ is now implicit as the central axis of their life. It is an act of freedom by conviction rather than by constraint, which leads them to overcome unfavorable conditions and to engage in a meaningful life.

Vocation week, from Wisdom spirituality, cannot be a space of reflection and work isolated from everyday realities and processes. This is why students are encouraged to adopt, as they build their knowledge and from their interaction with the environment, a critical and reflective attitude that leads them to understand and transform their personal, social and cultural environment. So, beyond the narrow academic horizon, the student is a builder of life founded on universal principles such as good manners in community, animated by respect, solidarity and love, which lead to nothing more than happiness, but in community.

I will conclude with the following message: it is said that the world changes by actions, not by opinions, and if we have time, why not prove this?

“Let us remember that we cannot always do great things, but we can do small things with great love”

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