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Vocation Awakening: Sister Anja’s Path to Wisdom

“God, you call us to love You by loving the world where You send us. O faithful God, give us in loving the world to love only You.” (Hymn by Raymond Fau)

I am Sister Anja, daughter of the wisdom of Madagascar. I come from a Christian family of ten children; I am the seventh. When I was little, my mother told me about how the Sisters helped and served people in difficulty, without telling me to which congregation they belonged.

When I was part of the Eucharistic Movement for Youth, I saw more of what the Sisters did. At 9 years old, I expressed to my mother my desire to become a nun. Surprised, she explained to me the life of the religious in these terms:

“To become a nun and missionary, is to be sent to distant places where you will rarely see your parents.”

After this conversation, I did not respond and I was sure she would talk about it to my dad… In 2009, I was 14 years old and I got my BEPC. My parents expressed their acceptance of my choice of religious life. Having their blessing, I began to get to know the Congregation of the Daughters of Wisdom. The name “Wisdom” struck and seduced me, and I really let myself be seduced. The more I knew it, the more I loved it, knowing that my desire was growing more and more. I then submitted my letter of request to be admitted to the training in its different stages.
After the initiation into religious life in the novitiate, I was admitted to the first profession on Saturday, September 8, 2018. It’s been five years since I committed myself as a Daughter of Wisdom. My goal is to be all to God and to have Wisdom as a companion in my life. In the manner of Montfort and Marie-Louise, I prioritize personal and communal prayer. I know how important it is to commune with Christ in the daily Eucharist and to receive the sacrament of forgiveness. Prayer is for me a well where I draw sweetness and strength to better live my life choice day by day. It develops my fidelity in the mission entrusted in the field of education. Prayer connects me to God and helps me try to make Him present in my daily life.

Life in fraternal community helps me realize myself as a member of the wisdom family.

I appreciate the support of my sisters in happy moments as in difficult times. They also become supports for me on the path of searching together for Wisdom (RV#38).

I had the grace to do my training at the international novitiate in France and to live my 1st year of religious life in the community of Fandriana with Sister Henriette daughter of the Congolese Wisdom. The experiences helped me grow in openness and in accepting differences.

Now I am sent by Wisdom on a mission to the school, I give the best of myself by looking for adequate ways to help the weaker students by giving them more time. I thus try to join Montfort’s passion for the most deprived.

I like to open myself to the experiences of the older sisters in order to learn from them the sense of creativity.

I am happy with who I have become and what the Congregation is for me. I see myself growing in confidence and in a sense of responsibility. I see myself belonging in this religious family of Wisdom. I thank the Almighty God because what is impossible to men is possible to Him: “Nothing is impossible for God” (Lk1, 37). Wisdom fills me with its joy and its love.
Sr Anja