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Helping those caught up in prostitution

Clare McCaffrey DW

Amber is a chaplaincy service for women caught up in prostitution. It offers a caring support service to the women, offering to pray with and for them in the city of Southampton, UK.

Chaplains coming from various Christian traditions, we have the support of prayer groups. We pray together before going out. We ask the Lord to lead us to the women he wants us to encounter. We wish to assure the women that they are of value: “You are valued far above rubies and pearls.” When we ask the women if they would like to pray, very often they are pleased to accept. Sixty seven women have been prayed with.

Visiting them, we offer gift bags with toiletries. The women are delighted with these gifts. Recently on cold nights we have been able to supply scarves and woolly hats and these are much appreciated.

During 2017 and 2018 Amber services have developed.

Some of us visited massage parlours and have asked to speak to the women. Managers have been happy to let the chaplains do that. In total 9 massage parlours are visited.

Again after much prayer and asking for the Lord’s guidance we have visited 2 lap dancing clubs. Again the managers emailed to say please come back to visit the women.

Amber hopes soon to reach out to women working as escorts and women working behind closed doors.

As a Daughter of Wisdom, living this ministry, I feel Wisdom reaching out to the women in compassion and love. For me, Amber is truly an illustration of the theme of the General Chapter of the Daughters of Wisdom, “Love without Borders”.

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