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Openning celebration of the Council of Congregation.

Sr Virginie Bitshanda, DW
Leader of the Delegation of Congo

Animated by our Malagasy sisters, this day was filled with celebrations. What a treasure! What beauty! What creativity! How deep are these celebrations!!
It all began with the Eucharist, which was able to connect us both with the diversity of the colours of interculturality and with the colour of the Malagasy liturgy. The entrance procession with the General Council bearing the Rule of Life, the Acts of the General Chapter, the Globe and the flag of the Congregation and with the leaders of the Entities each carrying the flag of his country, has opened us up to inter-culturality. The Malagasy songs and dances that punctuated the celebration, connected us to the colour of the liturgy of the country.

Congrégation des Filles de la Sagesse

The joy of this beautiful Eucharistic celebration accompanied us towards the second part of this day, which was the opening ritual.

It began with a traditional Malagasy culture gesture of welcoming: each member of the Council of Congregation received a drop of honey on his forehead to wish everyone a pleasant and sweet stay on Malagasy soil. Then, it is through the symbolism the cultivating of rice that the members of the Council of Congregation were invited to enter into the dynamics of this international meeting: from sowing, to the preparation of the nursery, to transplanting or weeding, each step requires care, patience and endurance to obtain a good harvest. This is the case for the implementation of the Acts of the General Chapter.

Congégation des Filles de la Sagesse

In her opening remarks, Sr Rani Kurian, Congregational Leader, then invited the members of the Council of Congregation to pay particular attention to the mission entrusted to them: “The quality of our life and mission depends on us as the Leader of the Congregation”.

Congrégation des Filles de la Sagesse

This beautiful day was far from over. It continued with the presentation of the country of Madagascar and the Entity of the Daughters of Wisdom. During the meal then throughout the afternoon, through songs, dances, procession accompanied by music played by street children, welcoming each with a ‘’Lamba’’, a piece of fabric very symbolic in Malagasy culture, various presentations, we got acquainted with the context of the country as well as the reality of the mission entrusted to the Daughters of Wisdom in Madagascar.

It was truly beautiful and of great meaning. Thank you to our Malagasy sisters for your sense of welcome, your joy, your simplicity… This allowed us to feel comfortable to undertake the work of the Council of Congregation.