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The joy of sharing in the midst of pandemic

Asia-Oceania – Indonesia

“Love Without Borders” “Fratelli Tutti”

As we have heard through the social media, the cases of Corona Virus 19 in Indonesia in general has continually increased. Our place Flores Island particularly Ruteng has no escape from this reality. Recently, we just discovered that the cases are increasing and the people are living in fear.

The pandemic COVID-19 has brought different impact culturally, economically and spiritually for our people as well as for us the Daughters of Wisdom. We have experienced the struggle of keeping distance from one another like shaking hands when we meet or greet is not allowed. In our culture it is very important and more meaningful when we shake our hands.

It also has challenged us to find means for our mission. We continue to serve the people around especially the sick, continually encourage them to hold on their faith as they receive the Body of Christ. We are also encouraged to pray more for them and to continue to extend our hand and hearts in helping our people spiritually and economically.

Pandemic does not prevent us to live out our General Chapter on “Love Without Borders” as example the pandemic has brought us to the orphanage who are in need of our presence, preparing the people to celebrate Christmas spiritually, Christmas celebration of sponsorship program children, prayer service for Substations, distributing goods for Friend of Wisdom and sharing our simple yet joyful celebration of the seventeen years  anniversary of the Presence of the Daughters Of Wisdom in Indonesia as well as welcoming the young girls who are interested to join us.