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Wisdom reveals itself everywhere…

Vocational Awakening

I am Sister Esperance NZIAVAKE, daughter of Wisdom for three years. What consolidates or sustains my donation to Wisdom so far, is the taste of putting myself always in her presence in my daily life through a life of prayer, faith and joy that guarantees my growth in her following. It is for me, a way to reveal Wisdom and to encourage us to respond to God’s call to follow Jesus Christ Wisdom.

I am a member of the pre-novitiate community. I find my joy in living in this community of young people from different cultures, in search of Wisdom and wishing to follow Him. Indeed, the 12 current pre-novices come from different dioceses of our country and from Burundi, thus from different cultures. My openness to each one of them nourishes in me the interculturality and motivates me to always put forward the riches of Wisdom.

“It is a way for me to encourage each one in her vocation to follow Wisdom.”

I am a student in the Faculty of Psychology and Education.  At the beginning of my studies at the university, several questions were going through my mind, among others how to make the voice of Wisdom heard in a student environment where there are so many challenges?

What to do when faced with so many young people who are questioning their future and are looking for meaning or direction in their lives?

All these questions led me to think of a space for exchange from time to time with those who attend my study group. With the collaboration of other religious students, we have created hours of exchange for those who wish it. We have exchanged on different subjects such as interculturality because the young students ask a lot of questions about how to live together when we are from different origins, cultures or nationalities, and we do not know each other at the beginning.

We tried to highlight with these young people the richness of our differences and to make them see that living together with someone who comes from another region, nationality, culture, is not only a challenge, but it is also a richness when we put together our values, qualities, talents, … These times of exchange open them more and more to questions related to the Church in general, to the consecrated life and bring us closer to them.

“It is for me, a way of sharing our life that can awaken vocations.”

It is a great joy for me to see that Wisdom reveals herself and lets herself be discovered in this university environment. We continue to pray to Wisdom so that the desire to consecrate their lives to Him may be born in the hearts of young people.