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God’s love for his people amid covid-19

Sr Agnes Mdzinga, DW – Malawi

The year 2020, has been a tough year for many people around the world due to the effects of Covid 19 Pandemic.  In Malawi people were affected in differently ways. Apart from financially, socially or physiologically affected, they were also affected Spiritually, because at one point the Episcopal Conference of Malawi ordered that the Churches in Malawi be closed for some time, at the same time any church gathering was stopped to help prevent the spreading of the pandemic.

The ban of church gatherings, among others affected the annual sessions we have for young women aspiring to join the Daughters of Wisdom every year, we normally hold these sessions in August, but due to this ban it will be held in December, 2020 from 18th to 22nd December.

I witnessed God’s love for His people during this time, that despite the ban of church gatherings, people were praying in their homes, even more than they have been before, I have been interacting with the young women aspiring to join us through different ways like WhatsApp.  Sometimes they could post their queries to me through WhatsApp and I was responding via the same channel.  Sometimes it was either through text messages or phone calls.

Apart from the above means of spreading our Spirituality and Charism to the youth, I really witnessed God’s love for all His people at this time, in that it gave me broader way of thinking on how to share our Spirituality and Charism, not only to the youth or young women aspiring to join us but also to the people of good will.  This was so in that I went to Luntha(Wisdom) Television of the Montfort Missionaries along with my 2 colleagues; Sisters Dorothy  Chimwala and Jane Mpando and made a programme on the brief history of the Daughters of Wisdom and also on the Friends of Wisdom.  Thus for those who cannot make it to join us, as Daughters of Wisdom, because they are married or other reasons, they can still Serve the Lord by spreading the spirituality and Charism of the Daughters of Wisdom by joining this group of the friends of Wisdom.  This program was broadcasted a number of times and I was able to get some feedbacks through phone calls.

I also witnessed God’s love for His people at this moment when 2 of our novices Annie Solomon and Catherine Kaluwa made their   first vows to the Lord in the Congregation of the Daughters of Wisdom on 17th October, 2020.  With the ban on Christian gatherings, it took us long time to see our dear novices profess their Vows.  Their profession gave hope to us the Daughters of Wisdom and the Church at large that as St. Paul said in his letter to the Romans, Chapter 8: 35- 39, nothing shall separate us from the love of God.  Below are testimonies from our two sisters.

Voici le témoignage de nos deux Sœurs.

Sr Catherine Kaluwa, DW- Malawi

My vocation story is a life cycle of a Butter fly. It’s a life of change. Change takes time, change is risky, change is painful, change is frightening and change means making mistakes. I was amazed that in my inferiority God would come down to a first born daughter of Modesta and James Kaluwa of Kwanjana, Thyolo district and say Come follow me and l will make you a beautiful Butter fly” because what was important for me that time was business and l did not know that God will find me in my ordinary life like John and James, the son’s of Zebedee. Affirming God’s call required time and stillness for discernment. All my success would have not be made possible if I did not listen to the phrase which resounds in the depths of my heart until today saying “come follow me and l will make you a beautiful Butter fly”.

Reflecting on the words that St Augustine said that ‘They were not called because they were saints but they were made saints because they were called’’ And in my journey of fear, doubts and difficulties to grasp what Jesus was teaching me, my little faith grew and l made my first step to approach the Daughters of Wisdom. When I visited them with my mother for the first time, I discovered that what makes us truly happy are not the achievements we have made out of our own effort. What makes us happy are the moments we realize that in our weaknesses God aid us to carry our burdens because He sees that we are doing His will.

I am very thankful for the time I was given to go through formative process. I responded well to this process although sometimes could put me upside down, sometimes this process could challenge me to do more when l was doing less but at the end I was a happy person because l could not believe the changes that had taken place in my life.

Six years of formative process have passed quickly. Many things have changed unnoticed, the places I have been, the people I encountered and more especially the growth in my being that seemed to be unnoticeable. Six years have passed I never thought I will reach this pedestal where l am now, a pedestal which gives me chance to look back where l came from and to look forward where I am going. This moment gives me chance to say together with Montfort that whatever happens l shall not be worried l have a father in heaven who will never fail me.

In addition to that I thank my family with great emphasis. My life comes from God but my family nurtured me since birth. My loving family likewise brought in me awareness of this vocation. They taught me how to pray and respect others too. I am grateful that I have reached this point of my life.

Lastly, looking back at those years of a life changing experience, l can clearly see that without God there is no happiness and as l continue this journey of discipleship l hope and pray that l may still listen to the powerful message which resounds in the depths of my heart saying come follow me and l will make you beautiful Butter fly. I pray also that others may also discover the truth of themselves which can only be attained by listening to the Divine Master with faith and openness of heart.

Vocation in the midstof covid 19
Sr Annie Solomon, DW – Malawi

It has been a year now since corona virus broke out. The pandemic that has trembled the world and has claimed millions and millions lives of our dear loved ones. The disease that shut the entire world, filling out the blank spaces with questions, is it a punishment from God?  Has God forgotten us? Is He able to feel our pain? And so on and so forth.

Covering us with fear all over. Perhaps in this time God speaks to us silently in different ways so we can pause and listen to His softer voice. The great thing in this time is that God never ceases to call people to His vineyard.

Despite the pandemic there are some people wishing to risk their lives for Him knowing that He is the source of our love and salvation therefore he still call us to the table of plenty to share this love and salvation. Confronting our faith, faith in God. As it is written ‘’come and see’’ in john 1; 38. At first I felt inspired by His love through the Daughters of wisdom who were close to me that time. This made me to thirst for their life style. After some years of trial and close attention to myself and the life am choosing from aspirants to novitiate. I found it to be necessary for it is pleasing, useful and in harmony with my natural attractions. In the midst of this covid19 it seemed to have no hope for the future and In order to follow in the footsteps of our founders Montfort and Marie Louise I took this courage of committing myself to live their life.

Congrégation des Filles de la Sagesse

Sr Agnès, Sr Annie et Sr Catherine