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My Vocation Story

Sr. Berlinda Yande DW
Delegation of Asia Oceania

I have taken the right path and I will never regret it.

 I grew up in a faithful catholic family. I am the sixth of nine children. My father was a nurse and my mother a house wife. Unfortunately, I lost my father during my “Come and See”. I learned to pray and know more about Jesus in the family through my parents as well as in school. The spiritual support of my parents gradually grew stronger in me as I grew up. It helped me to deepen my relationship with Jesus. As the years passed, I felt God’s call when I was in lower Primary School.

I was also attracted by the work of the Daughters of Wisdom who were teaching catechism in the schools and working with the women doing basic sewing and cooking. Seeing their work inspired me to be like them one day. I completed Primary School and continued to High School. I was selected for Elementary Teacher Training for three years. I taught for nine years and was happy about my life but I felt I was not really satisfied and reflected on my life. What else can I do?  Then the desire of becoming a Sister grew stronger in me.

One Sunday, I went to mass and the theme was written, “Do not delay God’s call. It impelled me to see a sister. Then, three days later I walked down to Kiunga. On Sunday, I went to mass and I saw the Daughters of Wisdom coming to mass with the young professed sisters. I followed them after mass to the Sisters’ convent and met with the Sister-in-charge. I shared my heart’s desire to become a sister and she encouraged me to follow some steps. I was happy and glorified the Lord as Mother Mary did after the Annunciation.

I received a letter with my journey report from the Sister-in-charge after a week. I completed all the journey reports and reflected on them. The desire became stronger in me. I wrote a letter, expressing my  interest to follow up my desire and I was accepted to the three-month “Come and See” program. In 2008, I left teaching and joined the Daughters of Wisdom to undertake my first year of Pre-novitiate in Matkomnai. I completed my formation in four years and made my First Profession on 7th May, 2012 in the church where it also served as vocation awareness purposes.

During those eight years as a sister with Temporary Vows, my burning desire and sacrifice were to give my entire life to God alone and to live only for God. I am so proud to live for God and for His service for humanity, especially the poor and the marginalized. With conviction and a joyful heart, I made my Perpetual Vows on the 22nd of November, 2020.

For all that has been,  I thank the Lord for loving me and choosing me for his own and I believe that God is ever present in every moment of my life because I am happy.  To become a follower of Christ is not easy. However, if it comes from your heart, you will persevere and will be happy in whatever situation your life brings.