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The International JPIC Committee

Daughters of Wisdom, we are aware that the promotion of justice is an integral part of the charism of the Congregation. Faithful to the impetus given by Montfort and Marie-Louise in their constant search for Wisdom, we have expressed in many of our chapters our desire to be attentive to the cry of the poor, divided by injustice and violence … then also to the cry of Creation. This attention to “Justice, Peace and the Integrity of Creation” is paid in particular by the International Committee Justice, Peace, Integrity of Creation” composed of:

Sr. Grainne Hilton from the Entity of Great Britain Ireland
Sr. Maria Leonora Santos  from the Entity of Asia-Oceania
Sr MarÍa Cristina  Tucto Vilcañaupa from the Entity of Maria-Luisa (South America)
Sr Isabelle Retailleau, General Councillor, Committee coordinator.

The concern of the members of the Committee is to:

“Promote the JPIC Mission of the Congregation,
by stimulating in the Congregation the desire to live according to the JPIC spirit
and journeying in order to make heard the common voice of the Congregation on questions of justice,
peace and the integrity of creation.”

The JPIC Committee will work in close collaboration with each of the Entities of the Congregation and in connection with the international organization UNANIMA, a non-governmental organization (NGO) which defends the interests of women and children (especially those living in poverty), migrants and refugees, homeless and displaced persons and the environment. Their work takes place primarily at the United Nations headquarters in New York.

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