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My vocation Story – THE TRUE HOME OF JESUS

Vocational awareness

filles de la sagesseI am Sister Elisabet Samur, DW from Indonesia. In September 2010, I decided to join the Congregation of the Daughters of Wisdom, attracted by the simplicity and hospitality of the sisters who had inspired my vocation during their promotional visit to my school. Prior to joining the Congregation, I had not had the opportunity to experience their mission in a concrete way. However, their inspiring approach to promoting the Congregation captured my attention.

“When we were students, these nuns welcomed us with kindness and shared their passion with us with great openness and undeniable human warmth.”

The Spirituality of the Daughters of Wisdom is really meaningful for my journey as I follow the steps of St. Louise Marie De Montfort and Blessed Marie Louise. What moves me in Wisdom spirituality is open to all who desire to live heir lives to God Alone and the more we are committed to Jesus Wisdom the more we let ourselves to be loved by her. This spirituality encourage me to Let Jesus Wisdom transform my life in order to witness Her presence in Humanity and encourage me to witness Her love to others. The Daughters of Wisdom that I witness along my formation they were really practice of what our founders has taught to us.  This Spirituality leads me to continue to desire and to seek Jesus Wisdom in my life through the mission.

As a member of the Daughters of Wisdom I would say this Congregation is very open to all who desire to grow in order to live for God Alone. The spirituality of Our Congregation offers us to be ourselves as the true Home of Jesus Wisdom. As long us we seek Jesus Wisdom in everything we do and believe Her as our companions on our journey, She will also strengthen us in our journey in whatever we do.

Sr. Elisabet