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Katawin Village, Bosset, Membok Story


Outreach Patrol at Katawin Village, Bosset Parish, & Membok Health sub-Center

Initially, it was on Sunday 25th July 2021 afternoon at 3.00pm when we left Kiunga to Katwin. Arrived at 4.00pm, the people welcomed us warmly by carrying our tools to the house allocated for us.

We were six of us Staff, VHVs and Volunteer. It was my first time to travel to katawin. Katawin Village, Bosset & Membok is along the Fly River, one hour travel by Dinghy to Katawim, 8 hours to Bosset, & 6 hours to Membok from Kiunga. It is a cold place, quiet and nice but full of mosquitos.

Katawin is a remote area, where the refugees from West Papua are living since 1994. The Government of PNG does not recognize them. Total Population 1,800.

In Katwin or In Bosset HSC we had to stay for two full days work. There is few Health Worker in this remote area since three years. The facility is under Catholic Church Health Services as Aid Post since 1994. The MCM urban Clinic integrated with Good Samaritan daily center and helped by the Catholic Church Health office organized a Patrol every two months for the sake of this big population left alone.

It was heartbreaking for me to see that many women are delivering their babies in the bush, as it is a very high risk for their lives. In the span of two months, five mothers delivered in the bush (3 primiparas and 2 grand multiparas)

Monday morning at the Community hall, many people were there to carry the tools, then we started with awareness, counselling, testing, and immunization, distributing Mosquito net, deworming for the community on the first day. The second day was for Outpatients & School visit (awareness, deworming, distributing Iron tablets).

Time of awareness in the community hall and praying the rosary at the St Peter Bosset Grotto during the month of October. We took time to explain the importance of Nutrition and the danger of bush delivery. At kakawin village, there was no coverage of network (Digicel) but in Bosset & Membok full coverage. Since the outreach patrol was integrated with Callan service, we had time to give awareness about Eyes, Ears care. There is a big need in Kakawin, as only one helper is staying there to keep the place safe. The Aid Post is broken down, but the vaccine Fridge is working 100% without vaccine.

Awareness time in the Community School

Patrol Team before leaving for Patrol meeting







Sr.Philomene Sanduku DW

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