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Do not be afraid to listen to the voice of the Lord who calls us

Vocational awareness

My name is Tolotra, I am 20 years old and I am a first year student in Economics at the University of Tamatave. Being from a Christian family, I am a practicing Catholic. I pray at the Sainte Thérèse church in Tamatave (the Montfort Fathers take care of the parish and it is also the parish of the Daughters of Wisdom in Tamatave).

It was when I saw these sisters with their clothes, their way of living with others, their activities in the parish, the simplicity of their life that I felt attracted to become a religious. Even as a child, I had this desire to discover God. And at the age of 20, my thirst to serve God and to be always close to Him increased to the point that I wanted to become a religious.

To fulfill this desire, I joined the Rosary team of our parish, and every day I recite the rosary, I also share my vocation with the sisters of the Congregation of the Daughters of Wisdom for advice. They are also the ones who accompany me to find the right path. I also attend the quarterly recollection (at the diocesan level) for young people who want to know their way.

filles de la sagessefilles de la sagesse

“The path to reach my vocation is hard, because there are the looks and the opinion of those around me but with courage, perseverance and Faith in God I will get there.”

As you read these words, I invite you to listen to the voice of the Lord who is calling you to spread his kingdom on earth, for it is written: “You did not choose me, but I chose you…” Let us help each other find the love, the peace, the hope of God. Let us not let our candle die out, let us keep and protect our vocation until the end, let us not be afraid.