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« Never forget the poor! »

Sister Marie-Laure DW

Blessed Marie-Louise committed all her life in the service of the poor with Love and through love for her Lord and her sisters and brothers in humanity … It was the meaning of her life … We rediscover it in a particular way during this year which opens before us … With love and through love: 1720-2020: 300 years ago she arrived at St Laurent sur Sèvre …

This event so special, we began to live it this Sunday, October 13 … Day of life, day of light, day of joy, Hallelujah! : we were having such a beautiful feast in St Laurent sur Sèvre! The Eucharist and the celebration of the afternoon were presided over by Bishop Jacolin, Bishop of Luzon. The Montfortian Family was very present: sisters Pierrette Bwamba and Antonella Prestia of the General Council, the Provincial Council of the Daughters of Wisdom and many sisters, Father Santino and Montfort Missionaries, Brother Claude Marsaut, Provincial of France and the Brothers of St Gabriel, Friends of Wisdom, Montfortian volunteers, Christian believers of St. Laurent and of the diocese … There was a crowd to praise the Lord for choosing such faithful servants of the poor: St. Louis Marie and Louise Marie Louise!

Congrégation des Filles de la Sagesse

With love and through love…

They guide our journey of believers today. Believers in the service of the poor and the little ones, often in the peripheries, we seek new ways to embody, in the context of today, this word of Christ “What you do to the least of my people you did it to me.” Mt 25

Congrégation des Filles de la Sagesse

“If I were a piece of cloth, I would give myself to the poor,”
let us commit ourselves in the humble service of the poor with Love and through love by taking our Founders as guides …

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