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We cannot be silent!

Sr. Veronica Paison DW
Delegation of Asia Oceania

In spite of the covid-19 pandemic, we cannot be silent!

From the beginning of 2020 until now, it has been a challenging time for the whole world because of the Pandemic. All our, plans, hopes and dreams are withheld, the world is in chaos, and we are living in fear of the virus that is an aggressive killer. Due to this, everything has been locked down in all aspects but Wisdom is at work through small daily lives and sometimes hidden gestures that reach out to the young people as it is mentioned in the letter to the Sisters responsible for the Vocation Promoters.

Vocation awareness was one aspect that was affected. We cannot reach the young people as before to visit them, talk to them and listen to them in person but when we look behind the scene there are some Sisters who are taking the opportunities to give Vocation Awareness using internet, Telephone etc…

In PNG, there is a bit of chance since COVID-19 is less in the country though we are still living in uncertainty. On the 22nd of November 2020, Sr. Berlinda Yande did her Final Vows in the Church, in St. Gerard Parish in Kiunga. It was the second Sunday with many people for mass since the Pandemic of COVID-19 started. Many young people were present. Some expressed that they were touched by the Final Vows of Sr. Berlinda, especially the symbolic gesture of giving Sr. Berlinda totally to the Congregation by her family.

Then on the 23rd of December 2020, the Daughters of Wisdom in PNG were invited for the Thanksgiving Mass in the refugee Camp of Iowara, Home Parish of the Sisters Beata and Berlinda who just did their Final Vows.  We were five of us, three Sisters, one Pre-Novice and one candidate. We started our journey from Kiunga to Iowara by dinghy, then by Tractor which took us 12 hours.

The Thanksgiving Mass was integrated with the Christmas Mass in the evening of 24th December 2020. The church was full of people. Fr. Andrew Moses, the Vicar General of the Diocese was the main celebrant and his homily was on “Thanksgiving to God for giving us His son and Thanksgiving of the two Sisters’ Vocation. During the Mass, we were given the time to talk to the people so three of us talked about the Vocation.

The next day, during the Social Activities, two Sisters and our Pre-Novice did Vocation Awareness and many young people were present. On the Eve, of New Year, Sr. Philomene Sanduku and Doreen our Pre-Novice went with one of the Montfortian Father and did Vocation Promotion in one of the outstations in Kiunga.

The future of our Congregation depends on vocations and when we look at the demography of our Congregation it is a great concern for all of us. Those of us who are not so affected by the Pandemic are taking some risks for our Congregation. It’s quite hard and long enough to be in silence.