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Preparation for Final Vows, PNG

The Sisters of the preparation for final vows
15th November 2019 – Port Moresby, PNG.

In September 2019, we, Sr. Berlinda Yande and Sr. Beata Ayombe, Sr. Yuliana Emol (Jenny) and Sr. Maria Sriati Jiwing (Seri), Sr. Josphin XALXO and Sr. Siobhán Boyle, gathered together in Ports Moresby, PNG with Sr Immaculate Makina and Sr Veronica Paison to begin the preparation for discernment towards the profession of our final vows. Unfortunately, Sr. Josphin Xalxo from India had to leave at the end of one month.

Congrégation des Filles de la SagesseIn the two and half months since September, we have deepened our understanding of Wisdom Incarnate, of ourselves, of our Congregation and of our role in society.

We have been greatly enriched by this experience which has allowed us to discern in a special way Wisdom’s call for each one of us. Wisdom has truly spoken to us, “I want to make you happy.” (LEW 66).

What makes us happy is that we have discovered, more and more, the love of Wisdom in our journey and the invitation to share this same love in our communities, in our ministries and in our witness.

Through the invaluable contributions of those who have shared their knowledge, wisdom and experience with us, we have come to understand in a new way that the love of Wisdom is encountered in the uniqueness of each person. We will integrate this new understanding into our communities and ministries in the future.

This love of Wisdom compels us to be passionate and compassionate towards our brothers and sisters so that ‘they become architect of their own destiny.’ (RL 3).

As Disciples of Wisdom, truly happy and fully alive in our humanity, we recognize and respond to the urgent call to restore our planet.

We appreciate the uniqueness of each of us as well as respect of each other’s culture, which enabled us to support, care and love one another.
We are very grateful for this journey and we would like to express our deep gratitude to Sr Rani and the Congregational Council, Sr Gina and the Delegation Council of Asia- Oceania, and Sr Maureen and the Council of GBI for their continued support, prayers and encouragement throughout our journey.

We thank all the sisters in PNG for their hospitality and we thank all those who have shared their wisdom and knowledge and have journeyed with us during this time. We thank especially Sr Immaculate and Sr Veronica for their tireless support, love, care and availability.
We thank also all the Daughters of Wisdom who have prayed for us especially our communities who have supported and loved us throughout our journey.

Preparation for Final Vows