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Bulletin n°2

Sr. Rani Kurian DW
Congregational Leader

Seek, Contemplate and Reveal Wisdom……


As we are in the Easter season, the Gospel reading speaks to us how the risen Lord continues to manifest himself to the Disciples in the everyday situations of their lives. The celebration of Easter is once again a call to be rejoicing and to renew our commitment to fully live our charism to seek, contemplate and reveal Wisdom.

In the Gospel we see the courageous faces of women who set out early in the morning to visit the tomb of Jesus. They were the first ones to see the risen Lord and to proclaim the good news. Mary of Magdala in her sorrows and disappointment of not finding Jesus in the tomb opened her heart to speak to the person whom she thought to be the gardener. She poured out all her worries, concerns and desires. She could only think that someone had taken away Jesus and wanted to take him back. In this conversation she allowed herself to be called by her name, thus recognising the presence of the risen Lord.

Jesus walked with his disciples on the road to Emmaus to be with them in their sorrows and disappointments by listening to them, asking them questions. After having poured out their hearts, they recognized the presence of the risen Lord with them and were filled with joy. They could not remain there they rather continued their journey to share their joy of meeting the risen Lord with others. In their sorrows and fears, other disciples returned to fishing. However, the risen Lord revealed himself to them allowing them to meet their needs first, by offering them a good catch of fish, giving them food to eat. Once their basic needs were met Jesus challenged and confronted them before sending them on mission.

Jesus Christ revealed himself to his disciples in the ordinary circumstances of their life. Once the disciples experienced the love of the risen Lord, their fear turned into courage and conviction, sorrow into joy, discouragement into hope and faith. They set out to proclaim the good news.

My dear Sisters this bulletin shares the lived experience of our Sisters in different Entities. Let us rejoice for the presence of Incarnate Wisdom among us. Following the footsteps of Montfort and Marie-Louise, like the disciples who were enlightened and transformed by the risen Lord, let us dare to be the “Way of Wisdom” in seeking, contemplating and revealing the good news to all creation.