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Listen to Wisdom

Listen to Wisdom

One day, Wisdom reveals herself to Louis-Marie de Montfort. He receives her and seeks to know her. His experience is so powerful that he writes it down in his book, The Love of Eternal Wisdom. This dense and influential work is the pivot of Montfortian spirituality. In it we find a Christological presentation of the Book of Wisdom in the form of Lectio Divina.

Montfort loves Wisdom and seeks to make her known. Of her he says: “Oh! How beautiful, gentle and loving is Jesus, Incarnate Wisdom! She is beautiful from eternity, since she is the splendour of the Father. She is beautiful in her Incarnation since she was formed by the Spirit. How tender and gentle for mankind for whom she came in person into this world.”

This book, Listen to Wisdom, presents a Lectio Divina of the quotations Montfort drew from the Wisdom Literature in the Bible. It is written for the people who seek happiness and thirst for a life of union with God.

We hope the reader will experience a true encounter with God and a profound desire to be transformed by the love of Jesus Christ, Eternal and Incarnate Wisdom. May we, as the author of The Book of Wisdom and as Montfort, also become Lovers of her beauty (Wisdom 8, 2).