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General chapter 2018

Sr. Louise Madore D.W.
Congregational Leader

Here we are gathered from all over the world to live the Chapter … at the very beginning I invite you to listen carefully to the text of the Acts of the Apostles. Let’s take the time to welcome this Word of God, let it deeply penetrate our heart and our spirit.

Calling Forth the Delegates

I will now call each delegate. When you hear your name, I invite you to give your answer which can be “Here I am” or an equivalent expression. Then I will give each one of you a heart. Throughout the Chapter, I ask you to keep this heart with you, it is both the symbol of the theme of the Chapter, “Love without borders” and an invitation to be collectively listening to Wisdom, to  discern together the invitations and conversions to which Wisdom will call us along the spiritual journey that we are undertaking together today. 


In addition