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Signs of hope in the midst of the pandemic

Vocational Promotion in the Delegation Marie Louise – Argentina-Ecuador-Peru

The vocation promotion team of the Delegation Marie-Louise, like Mary who left in a hurry to see Elizabeth, is looking for new ways to reach young women during this period of confinement.  For some time now, the team has been accompanying groups via social networks: Zoom, WhatsApp, Google Meet,.. The strong desire to share our spiritual heritage, and for new vocations to continue the mission according to the charism of Montfort and Marie-Louise, has led to a call to pray the rosary for vocations through Zoom.

Using social networks, a coordination was made with the local animators and with the Friends of Wisdom of the Delegation.  On October 25, the “Marian Rosary for Vocations” took place.

Approximately 80 people participated. The camera pointing to the zoom screen shows 45 participants, but others were welcomed as the sisters from the different communities of the Delegation introduced themselves and gave witness to their lives through the prayer of the Holy Rosary.

The rosary presentation included:

  1. A brief historical overview of Marian devotion in each country: the Virgin of Luján in Argentina, the Virgin of Cisne in Ecuador and the Virgin of Chapi in Peru,
  2. A presentation of two examples of life: that of Blessed Carlos Acutis and of Sr. Clare Crockett, a religious of the Congregation of the Servants of the Mother’s Home, who died in the earthquake of 2016 in Ecuador,
  3. A presentation of excerpts from the life of our founders and the texts of Pope Francis.

The greatest joy it brought to the young participants:

  • The Rosary itself, and the discovery of the defenders in the different countries.
  • To realize that the devotion to the Virgin and love for Jesus invites us to love without borders.
  • Appreciate the Daughters of Wisdom for the leading role they give to young people and Friends of Wisdom.
  • To meet by zoom with Sisters, Daughters of Wisdom, Friends and young people we know.
  • To meet as a large family.
  • To pray in communion without distinction of culture, country, age. All as one family, as in one house.
  • Some young people and Friends with their families were able to experience the presence of Jesus and Mary in their homes.

A light to keep walking:

Persevere in Marian prayer without borders and continue to present themes of our spirituality that help us to be attentive to God’s call.

Congrégation des Filles de la Sagesse

Move forward together as a Wisdom Family despite the distance, through virtual dialogue. Let confinement not paralyze us, but help us to be creative and daring.

It is not easy to work virtually, but together we will learn. We will never tire of sharing our faith, devotion, mission and vocation. We will continue to share our spiritual heritage with faith and hope, so that new vocations will join us to continue the mission according to the charism of Montfort and Marie-Louise.

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