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Under the sign of hope


Sœurs Jennifer, Marie-Josée, Christine, Siobhan, Jayamary, Elisabet, Angela, Félicité, Ellen, Maria Cristina, Imelda, Elena, Valérie, Guettie.

At the invitation of the General Council, a group of younger Sisters of the Congregation of the Daughters of Wisdom had the joy to meet each other in Paris. Coming from different Entities of the Congregation: Canada, United-States, France, Great Britain and Ireland, India, Indonesia, Italy, Madagascar, Malawi, Maria Luisa, Papua New Guinea, Philippines, DR. Congo and Haiti, we reflected and shared together our thoughts for the next Chapter.

Video – under the sign of hope

Indeed, as representatives of the younger Sisters of the Congregation, we were expected to share our vision of the realities of religious life today. We hope that our contribution will shed light on the next General Chapter of the Daughters of Wisdom that will be held in France next August.

Each of us were able to express herself freely from a questionnaire prepared by the members of the General Council and given to each Entity in advance. We spoke on the reality of our Entities from the themes of interculturality, from our position as members of the Congregation today and in the future. It was a rewarding experience where each Sister could share her joys and difficulties.

Our desire is to continue to offer the charism and spirituality of our founders, St. Louis Marie of Montfort and Blessed Marie Louise Trichet, in a love that knows no borders. Our meeting made possible, thanks to the Sisters of the General Council who graciously offered their skills for English and French translation.

We lift our hearts in prayer in order that Wisdom remain at the center of deliberations and decisions at this General Chapter.