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Clothed in God’s Love

by Sr.Lydia Anthony

When we are loved by someone, there is always greatest happiness, a sense of satisfaction and peace in our hearts. If this is so with human’s conditional love? What about God’s love which is unconditional? As humans live side by side, God resides deep within our hearts. As human’s expressions of our love visible, so too God’s love is tangible and real, as long as one believes and trusts.

Congrégation des Filles de la Sagesse

A unique love

God’s love is unique and is expressed in a unique way for each one of us. This love of God can be discovered and cherished in the stillness of our hearts. In the 1st book of kings 19: 11-13   Elijah finds God in the gentle breeze, we too must create this stillness within so to find God. For God who created us did not abandon us but rather journeys with us in the ordinary days of our lives.

These are my personal experience where God cares and loves us immensely, in spite of our don’t care attitude. God seizes our hearts to make us his messengers of love in the world. God’s love is not vague, rather it is tangible.

To experience this love one need to believe, trust and accept the means that God sends on our ways. It can be through the word of God, might be a voice of whisper from within, it can be an incident in personal life or it could be a dream as well. For God wishes us to meet in the realities of our lives.

This is how God has communicated his love and this is what invites me to trust in His love. Even today at this time of pandemic, I believe God’s presence is in the midst of the world, which is in turmoil and pain.

Confronting your fears

As a child of 9 I was afraid of death. Shy to share with the others fear of being rediculed, the only person I could turn was God. In simplicity of my faith, I prayed to God Jesus please give me your word that will help me to face my fears. As I opened the Bible Psalm 91 was the passage I received, until today this Psalm 91 is the anchor of my faith. Indeed God makes use of our weaknesses in order to help us to face the realities of the future.

Congrégation des Filles de la SagesseGod who calls is always faithful. As a 4th grade student, we were asked by our class teacher. What would you like to become in the future? When my turn came my spontaneous answer was to be a nun. When I was planning to join the religious life, my father was dead against

He said religious life is not meant for you. For my dad knows that I was a shy and timid child. But with the support and encouragement of my mother I made my first and final profession.   After my final profession when I went home for my holidays, my father said now :

“I believe  that you will be happy in the choice that you made”

And then my mother narrated an incident from her life:

“She said,  when she got married; my mother did not have children for long time. Her mother in law and my beloved grandmother was not happy for not having children. Then she said I prayed to God if you give me many children and choose the one that you wanted for your service. I never said to you all these things for I did not want you to convince or force my choice over you rather I wanted you to make your own choice.”

Narration of my mother’ incident, made a great impact on my religious life. God knows where we will be happy and he places us accordingly, to nourish ourselves with his word, with his love, so that we generously share what we have received freely…

Discover Sr.Lydia Anthony’s testimony in its entirety by downloading the pdf below.