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A fraternity in solidarity

Community of Ñaña-Lima – Maria Luisa Delegation (Argentina, Ecuador, Peru)

A fraternity in solidarity based on a nourished faith…

 Today, we have before us a great opportunity to manifest our fraternal essence, to be other Good Samaritans”(FT. 77).

The Sisters of the community of Ñaña, together with the educational community of the school Our Lady of Wisdom and the Friends of Wisdom, we listen with our hearts to the broken voices of many families affected by Covid 19.

Driven by our faith and nourished by prayer, we respond to their cries with actions of solidarity. We live significant experiences of fraternity and unconditional love.

Our responses to the families affected are as follows

  • Psychological support to restore emotional stability in the face of fears, anxiety, anguish, death of family members caused by the coronavirus.
  • Support with bags of food, medication and medical treatment to enable them to recover and meet their basic needs in the face of job loss.
  • Support with oxygen balloons, an essential element in the worst moments of the disease.
  • Providing mobile phones to students with severe connectivity difficulties, needed for virtual classes,
  • Continued prayer and daily recitation, by the DW community, of the rosary before the Blessed Sacrament dedicated to families particularly affected by the coronavirus.


As sisters and as an educational community, we were also faced with the challenge of using digital media. There was a need for continuous training in the use of digital tools in order to continue the educational activities and the many virtual coordination meetings.

The great capacity of the educational community (teachers, administrative and maintenance staff and parents) to live the spirit of the Wisdom family and fraternity in solidarity of the Faith, nourished by prayer, made it possible to respond to the families and students affected by the Covid 19 pandemic.

The voices of the families affected by this disease resonated in the hearts of our sisters in the Community of Lima (Delegation House). The Sisters are attentive to our requests to help the affected families in their needs. We are overwhelmed by their needs.

Pope Francis tells us: “Today we have before us a great opportunity to manifest our fraternal essence, to be other Good Samaritans”(FT. 77).

Our Lady of Wisdom, to whom we dedicate our daily journey, is the one who encourages us and maintains hope in the midst of this cruel pandemic.

We acknowledge with gratitude and humility the Providence of Wisdom. She has protected us and continues to protect us from the contagion. She urges and encourages us to continue our commitment in solidarity with the most affected and vulnerable.

“I must love Jesus hidden in my sisters and brothers”.
Louis-Marie Grignion de Montfort