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An opportunity to discover Wisdom

Vocational awareness

For several years, in the colleges of the Congregation of the Province of Colombia, a vocation week has been organized. It allows young people to approach our spirituality through the sharing of images of Wisdom.

This week is an opportunity to discover the face of Jesus Christ-Wisdom. This year, the students of Bogotá College have approached with curiosity and at the same time with a deep interest our spirituality through the image: “Wisdom at the crossroads”.

The groups of young people who participated in this week were able to deepen their knowledge of the source of their vocation through creative workshops, spontaneous expressions, closeness to the sisters and moments of listening.

And, as any well fertilized land bears fruits, the fruits of this week led to the creation of a group called “Disciples and Missionaries of Wisdom”. Today, the members of the group have given themselves the mission to know, clarify, deepen and reflect among themselves, with the family and with the Daughters of Wisdom on the theme of vocation.

From now on, we entrust this nursery into the hands of the one who can water it carefully, the Virgin Mary and our founders, Saint Louis Marie Grignion de Montfort and Mother Marie-Louise Trichet.

Sr. Adorcinda and the vocational awakening team (Colombia)