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“Come and See” – R.D Congo

“Come and See” Jn 1: 39


My name is Cécile BASUNDU NDIYA and I am 21 years old. I am the youngest of nine children in the family, 2 boys and 7 girls. I have a twin. My parents are Gaspard BASUNDU and Christine WENDA. I received from them my Christian faith and a good education. I remember my parents very well and they inspired my vocation. When I was quite young, they took charge of my religious education so I came to know the Lord well.

“Come and see” was the invitation of Jesus to his disciples that also echoed in me. When I was young, I started to listen to my desire to follow Christ in religious life.

Some questions dwelt in me, as how? With whom? And why do I feel this call? These questions stayed with me for many years. Today, I see a small window opening, with a ray of light emerging that enlightens my path.

When I was in High School, I joined the parish vocation group of Lokutu, in the Democratic Republic of Congo, composed of boys and girls under the guidance of Sr. Véronique LISAKASI, Daughter of Wisdom. Because of her, I came to know the community of the Daughters of Wisdom of Lokutu. My desire to follow Jesus persisted in the midst of the attractions of the world luring young people today.

It was not easy to take the decision to leave my people for a new experience far from home.  The desire to know Wisdom grew and gave me the strength to decide. I understood that the One calling me was expecting my generous response.

“Come and follow me” was the message of that little voice that echoed in me and gave me the strength to leave my village and to join de Daughters of Wisdom in Kisangani, Congo.

Presently, I am experiencing community life with the Daughters of Wisdom at Kisangani. The “Come and See » program is lived in a community of the Daughters of Wisdom.

I believe I now have answers to my questions on the vocation to religious life.

To follow Christ, yes, but how?
I let myself be inspired by the will of God, opening up to formation, drawing the most of this time of discernment given to me and that requires conversion.

With whom?
With the people around me who serve as mediation with Wisdom to help me grow. So are all the other young women with me in search of their vocation.

To reveal to everyone the love of God for humanity. What motivates me more in my experience, is to see that I am not alone in the following of Christ. I see the witnessing of the Sisters who consecrated their lives to Christ, and I observe that they are very happy. The experience of the Sisters in community attracts me. I learn from them to stand up and to be responsible, able to organize my life concerning being, doing and having.

I am happy to see God’s work in my life every day and I give thanks to Him.