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Vocational Awakening of the Province of France.

“God is the author of youth, and he works in every young person. Youth is a blessed time for the young person and a blessing for the Church and the world. It is a joy, a song of hope and a beatitude.” CHRISTUS VIVIT 135

filles de la sagesse


The following statement could not have been written without the meeting of two thirsts: that of God who every day renews his call to those who want to follow him and that of the thirst of some young people animated by the desire of authentic encounters and the curiosity to discover the History and the life of the Daughters of Wisdom in France and in the world.

April 2020, in the midst of the pandemic, they are four young women from different cultures, eager to discover the joy that inhabits me and what animates me in my mission as a Daughter of Wisdom. We then decided to go on a pilgrimage to Saint-Laurent sur Sèvre, to the source of the congregation, far from the Essonne diocese where these young people live.

The theme that these young women chose to explore was the Mission. When they arrived, the tiredness of the journey quickly gave way to joy.
Joy of discovering the richness of our institute through the visit of the places of memory.
Joy of being nourished by the Word of God and various writings on the theme of Mission…and becoming aware that “we are a mission on this earth”.

Joy in singing the wonders of God while contemplating creation and nature, so generous at this time of year. Joy in watching the film “Marie Heurtin”, in appreciating the interpretation of the actors and in letting oneself be overwhelmed by the emotion of this young deaf and blind woman who was able to overcome her handicap thanks to the patience and determination of Sister Marguerite, Daughter of Wisdom.

Joy of the simplicity of the numerous exchanges, of the depth of the questions asked, of the welcome of the answers given by the group.
Joy of recharging our batteries to face the pandemic and to set out again on new paths by being for each other companions in the faith. And above all: the joy of sharing and searching together for what can give meaning to our lives! At the time of leaving, the thirst becomes more intense. The source of Wisdom seems inexhaustible. Finally, this pilgrimage was only a first approach. Our pilgrims wish to renew the experience and to open it to others… Isn’t it a missionary way to “love without borders”?

filles de la sagesse

Sr Christine