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Wisdom Spirituality

Lucille Deschênes DW

A Daughter of Wisdom’s spirituality

Spiritual gift for the good of others, the charisma is always rooted in personal gifts. If a person possesses a charisma it is because she is called to reveal to others an aspect of the mystery of Christ: either Providence, or Mercy, or Love for the little ones (the powerless)… or Wisdom. The charisma entitles a person to create her unity in view of the mission by proposing the means to her, i.e. a SPIRITUALITY.

Therefore to reveal Wisdom, the person who receives the call must become “one” in Wisdom, she must incarnate Her to better proclaim Her.
Spirituality is essentially the way marked out to this end. It is a modality of being, a deep attachment to Christ under a particular aspect of His mystery, in occurrence: WISDOM.
This spirituality progressively transforms the Daughter of Wisdom into “a being of Wisdom”: a being inhabited by the loving desire of God who insistently invites to reciprocity in love.

St Louis Marie of Montfort has, in effect, discovered, through frequenting the Scriptures for a long time, that Wisdom is “this incredible Love which came out of the heart of the Trinity before the world’s creation, love which will incarnate itself in Jesus of Nazareth …” The spirituality he has experienced and described in his main work: “THE LOVE OF ETERNAL WISOM” is a mystical way, a loving journey. In a communion of confidence with Mary, the Daughter of Wisdom is invited, within the very fabric of her daily life, to cultivate the desire of Wisdom, to frequent Jesus Wisdom, to adopt His attitudes and behaviour, so to arrive at a complete abandonment in the hands of the Father and finally to consecrate herself totally to Eternal and Incarnate Wisdom. And therefore, to BECOME WISDOM.

Transforming way, the spiritual way according to Louis Marie, is the journey of a life which accomplishes itself not in a linear but in a circular fashion, meaning by deepening itself.

A WAY which allows the person “to acquire the necessary light and unction for inspiring the love of Wisdom to others, to lead them to eternal life” says Montfort at number thirty (30) of the “Love of Eternal Wisdom”.