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Bulletin n°11

How do we cope ?

Editorial Sr Isabelle Retailleau,
General Councillor

In these times when in every part of the world, circumstances provoke and destabilize us, the feeling of precariousness of life is persistent: how to face so many difficult circumstances: the armed groups by the surrounding countries that come to attack the East of the Congo, the political and social crisis in Haiti, the civil war and its consequences in Sudan, the economic and social crisis in Sri-Lanka, the war in the land of Ukraine, so many countries confronted with natural disasters that are becoming more and more frequent, the pandemic that continues?

In the last few days, we have been looking at Ukraine: in the face of the aggression suffered by the Ukrainian people, they have stood up with fortitude and courage against the aggression, against the dictate of violence, claiming their right to exist, their right to freedom, their right to be themselves.

This people, like others, reminds us of our Christian vocation to believe that life is always stronger than death and to let Christ the Eternal and Incarnate Wisdom free us from our fears and our confinement. How do we ourselves stand up to the great questions that face humanity, relying on the grace of the Lord who gives us the perseverance and resilience necessary to seek out the paths to open?

Indeed, as Christians, as Daughters of Wisdom, in the face of this time of uncertainty that is shaking us, we can only really set out on our journey by courageously facing the questions that face our world today:

  • What is the world we want to leave for future generations?
  • What choices must we make to open up life paths for all?
  • What interdependence do we have to build among ourselves and with all of Creation as the most beautiful heritage that we can pass on to future generations by “developing the loving awareness of not being disconnected from other creatures”[1]?

The answers we give to these questions, however small, can help us and humanity get out of the “spiral of self-destruction into which we are sinking”[2] which Pope Francis notes in his Encyclical Laudato Si!

As a Congregation dedicated to the Wisdom of the Incarnate Word, we will go through the pages of life of this Bulletin with this look that will help us to perceive and discern what Wisdom inspires us, in her incarnation, as paths of dialogue to open, as paths of closeness to unfold, as paths of resilience to reveal.

[1] In N° 220 of the encyclical Laudato Si
[2] In N° 163 of the encyclical Laudato Si