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World environment day

JPIC Committee Entity of Malawi

June 5 2019


Congrégation des Filles de la SagesseThe world environment day was established to remind us the importance of our mother earth and help us to protect it from all our human activities that endanger it. The celebration of the world environment day, with time it has stimulated the global environmental awareness and encourages both political and religious action.
The day has given opportunity to people all over the world to come together and ensure that they have a clean, green and conducive environment for themselves and also for the future.
Symbol: globe, water, soil and plants

INTRODUCTION; Let us begin with a deep awareness of the divine presence in all creation. Let us see in our imagination the wonder of the Gods creation and the beauty of our mother earth including each one of us. As human being we are part of our revolving planet (Earth) as it speeds around our sun. Together let us ask the Holy Spirit to help us renew the face of the earth.

Song: Any song concerning creation

God created human being to be responsible for taking care of his creation.(Let us listen to the words from the book of Love of Eternal Wisdom)

From love of Eternal Wisdom #32 &35 (In the creation of the World and Man)
After creating all things, Eternal Wisdom abide in them to contain, maintain and renew them. It was this supremely perfect beauty who after creating the universe established the magnificent order we find there. He it was who separated, arranged, evaluated, augmented and calculated everything.

He spread out the skies, he set the sun, moon, the stars and the planet in perfect order. He laid the foundations of the earth and assigned limits and laws to the sea and depths to ocean. He raised mountains and gave moderation to all things even to the springs of waters. Finally, he said, “I was with God and I disposed everything with such perfect precision and such pleasing variety that it was like playing a game to entertain my Father and myself”
For man is his supreme masterpiece, the living image of his beauty and his perfection, the great vessel of his grace, the wonderful treasury of his wealth and in a unique way his representative on earth “By your Wisdom you appointed man to have dominion over every creature you made”

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