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Bulletin n°13

Editorial Sr Isabelle Retailleau, Conseillère Générale

« Hoping for the World to Come!

In a text titled ‘In the Name of God, I Ask You. Ten Paths to a Better World,’ published in February 2023, Pope Francis, moved by the challenges of the present time, issues a call to all men and women, believers and non-believers, to take personal and collective responsibility in the face of the reality of the world:

‘With these ten requests in the name of God, I would like to invite all people of goodwill to join me in hoping for the world to come,’ he encourages.

While ‘today’s world is going through an era of change,’ Pope Francis renews the invitation made in the encyclical Laudato Si as well as in Fratelli Tutti, to prepare for the world that is coming by becoming increasingly aware that ‘everything is connected,’ that we are deeply interconnected with one another and with the entire Creation, the work of God’s love, which He entrusts to us.

‘Even in moments like this, in the midst of everything happening in the world, (…), it is important to raise the voice of hope: it is the only voice that can divert the status quo and mobilize us for the reality that surrounds us,’ he writes.

As Daughters of Wisdom, through the Congregation’s Declaration of Commitment dated November 2021, we have embarked on a pilgrimage towards integral ecology, where we share with others the vision that the world is our common home, a home to be reconciled and freed from poverty, an open home for all to preserve for future generations… We have become pilgrims to carry, wherever we are, in the environments where we live, with those with whom we share life, the hope for the world to come.

Through this special issue of ‘International Wisdom,’ after a year and a half of putting one or another paragraph of this Declaration into practice, we are pleased to present to you testimonies from a few Daughters of Wisdom, bearers of hope for the world to come:

  • When we listen to the cries of the Earth and the poor,
  • When we become more attentive to our common home
  • Through our pursuit of Wisdom that enables us to recognize ‘the love of God as the fundamental reason for all creation.’1

By sharing these examples of concrete actions, by what each of us and each community experiences in her environment, let us together and with others carry the voice of hope that will pave the way for what is to come. May we make this commitment a path of Wisdom for the world.

Enjoy reading and have a blessed pilgrimage, each and every one!