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The JPIC International Committee

A Common Voice of Wisdom

Lois Mathieu DW, Ann Gray DW

The JPIC International Committee met for a three-day session in Rome, Italy, from June 29th to July 1st, 2016. The team of five Daughters of Wisdom coming from four Entities and of different age groups was a representative sample of the reality of the Congregation.

The team was composed of Marie-Marthe Benêche, Haiti, Lois Mathieu, Canada, Rani Kurian, General Councillor and Coordinator of JPIC, Ann Gray, United States and Violeta Santos, Peru.

As members of an International Community, attention was given to “the massive consciousness of the global dimension, inhabitants of an Earth threatened, and where human rights are scorned . . . .” (Rule of Life 2) They discussed the importance of developing an “integral” sense of Justice.

Their main task was to draw up an Action Plan for the JPIC International Committee from 2016-2018. Into this plan are woven links that exist between the spirit of JPIC, the Rule of Life, the Daughters of Wisdom’s Spirituality, Formation, and the justice they all do on a daily basis. To this task was added the need to raise “a common voice of Wisdom” around issues of Women and Children, migrants, refugees and the environment.